When will we see more Dayak blog?

New Straits Times

Now that RumahDayak.com is back to normal after a whole night of server configuration, migration, restoration, etc., there is so much to write and share (probably due to the extra time we have reading the papers, while waiting for the server to be up and running :D)

In the New Straits Times, we have a great show in Astro’s Discovery Travel and Living through their new series – 5 Takes. The show is about video blogging and online diary. The point I share and agreed with the writer was, they should make a stop at our Mulu National Park, one of the Wonders of the World and write a blog entry about it.

The reporting is raw and via a blog. And, we have so many Dayak writers out there who could do the same and share their blog with us. At the present time, I can see that this is the only way we can read your mind and heart towards the path to Modern Sarawak!

Remember, every citizen is a reporter, and report the truth because the rest of Malaysia wants to know the truth of what is happening in your area.

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “When will we see more Dayak blog?”

  1. We need to get more Dayak to start blogging. Then, they can blog in their own language ;)

  2. That sounds very interesting :)
    I am looking for partners now. Siapa nak join aku. Me make our own version of 5 takes?
    That would be cool.
    Email me who wanna join me!

  3. I dont know how I start blogging..
    that’s the best way to let everything out from my head. hmm i guess..

  4. We won’t see many Dayaks coming online to make that extra effort to blog for the time being. Its too technical and time consuming for some. Apart from that the interface sometimes confuse them too much, coupled with slow connections. Like most Sarawaknet users, the official browser is still Netscape 4.7. The tens of thousands Dayak Civil Servants cannot access neither RP.CoM nor RD.CoM unles they use IE. I told them to configure to the latest IE and some gave me a ‘blank’ look….ermm…the target group are still out there in the Institutes…I am afraid we are the pioneers…people like UK and Vynee…unless someone creates some easy and accessible website that is friendly to dial up users as most of the record in the State shows most Dayak TMnet customers are on dial ups.

  5. Agree with DJ about the extra effort point and how it might discourage some people from blogging. Indeed we are the pioneers…

    …except that I suck at writing in Iban, so maybe I’m just a fringe “pioneer”? Not the best example of a Dayak blogger I’m afraid.

    5 Takes is a great idea.

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