Iban Longhouse

My longhouse is located at latitude:   1°41’45.16″N and longitude: 111°35’43.83″E. Our current head of the longhouse is Langan Ak Jamit, hence the longhouse is addressed as Rumah Langan ak Jamit, Ulu Krian, Saratok.

Langkau penganti
Built a few years back, this small hut serve as a waiting place for the residents who wish to go to Saratok for their shopping.

Badminton Court
We have a small badminton court just next to the pendai ili (river bathing area).

Balai Raya
The aging community hall was declared open by Datuk Patinggi Jabu more than a decade ago. It is now use as the polling center during elections.

Palan BBQ
That’s my room at the longhouse. The backyard is where we always have our family BBQ during the Gawai break.

Injin Api
This is the small hut that house the diesel powered generator that provide electricity to the longhouse. We are not sure when the government would be providing stable electricity to our longhouse, eventhough the main power line is within vicinity from the longhouse.

Pendai Ulu
The river bathing area at the upper portion of the longhouse. A favourite spot for children to have their bath.

All my readers are welcome to visit our longhouse. To reach the longhouse, you may fly into Sarawak via Kuching International Airport or Sibu Airport. Then take a taxi ride to the small town of Saratok. At Saratok, ask around for a van that would take you to my longhouse.

See you there!

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