The Legend of Batu Api

Some years after his arrival, while Talap was building a canoe at Nanga Ban, not far from his house on the left bank of the Layar, came Datu Patinggi Ngadan and his friends.  They told Talap that they had just arrived from Sumatra and his father had originally lived at Kayong in Indonesian Borneo not far from Pontianak.

Patinggi Ngadan had left Kayong on a long quest for a bar of gold that had been stolen from his father named Patinggi Gurang while the later was fishing at sea.

Patinggi Ngadan had traveled up and down the Kapuas and from there he had gone to Sumatra in search of the stolen gold.  He had traveled by sea to Sarawak and also has searched the Sadong and the lower part of the Batang Lupar.

From there he had traveled up the Batang Saribas to Nanga Ban where he met Talap.

Patinggi Ngadan asked Talap how far be his land extended up the Layar.  Talap has been working on his canoe and the scattering chips of wood have been carried up the river by the tide.  He told Patinggi Ngadan that all the land up the river passed by the floating chips belong to him.  Hearing this Patinggi Ngadan and his friends stopped paddling and simply let their boat drift up river following the tide.  As they reached Bangai, the tide turned down and Patinggi Ngadan stopped at that place.  Soon after he had put down his anchor, Patinggi Ngadan light up a fire from the flint stones which he was carrying with him.  One of the stone fell into the water and according to legend; it turned into a huge rock.  The rock is now known as Batu Api and is situated at Bangai in Layar.

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