Missing RumahDayak.com?

I apologise for the inconviences to all the members. As for now, I have to redirect the domain to this blog. The rest of the story is below for all to read and understand..

So, tell me what have you done during the down time of RD.com?

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  1. I am surfing for insurance that insures websites for this kind of Data Loss or if its not Data Loss, its ‘Quality Time’ with members….in case it happens to my website….I would like to recover the lost time invested in building those websites…if there is such a thing such as insurance for loss data/lot time.

  2. Deejay,
    What you are using now is a “shared hosting” and is under David. And, this shared hosting could no longer handle our heavy traffic, which is measured as “bandwidth” and the volume of queries (everytime we click a link in the portal, it send a query to the database) have exceeded 2% of the CPU resources allocated to a shared hosting account.

    Due to all that, RD.com have been automatically SUSPENDED everytime we exceed 2%. David, have been kind enough to remove the suspension several time until last week he was removed of that power by the hosting personnel.

    Hence, me and David are scouting for a GOOD hosting company overseas (because it is cheaper than those in Malaysia) to host a Virtual Server – which means we are ‘buying’ a server overseas and put all the portal files in there. Virtual Servers come with higher bandwidth allocation and more space. For this year, RD.com is forecasted to hit more than 100Gb of bandwidth and requires more than 2Gb of space. (Just for your info, the live streaming of WaiFM already needed 200Gb of bandwidth last month.)

    Last week we registered for two VPS package with two different hosting companies. The first one never materialise and they gave us a hardware installation reasoning. While the 2nd one works and was activated. We managed to restore the portal as it was but unfortunately after a few hours online, someone launched a MASSIVE Denial Of Service attack which brought the VPS down. We were also being investigated of why the attack was made. While pending full investigation, here we are ……….. directed to my blog :D

    DJ, don’t worry, your website won’t need that amount of bandwidth UNLESS you installed a live WEBCAM from your backyard at home and etc etc… for all the voyeurs ;)

    Well.. unless TMnet is willing to offer us FREE space and bandwidth and no limit on CPU resources… you are the man!

    No need, we still have everything in our backup.. semina, you need to bring the cleaners in for a house cleaning party – nyu berkuap laban pukat empelawa :D

  3. UK, munyi ko orang enti berat mata ka meda, berat agi bau ka ngesan. Don’t worry, I sure all RD.Com members understand this situation and they know you will never give up. Wish you all the best good works always blessed by God.

  4. UK,
    Nama hal ulih nyadi baka tu??? ti bisi nguna aku, sms aku aja sekumbang ke dalam 2 minggu tu, aku bisi agi di Miri

  5. Hmmm…..well sometimes owning a web is also quite stressful. Like I say in my personal website, its a journey designing the websites and experimenting with the web. You meet all kinds of wierd people – hackers, viruses, spywares etc…. sigi baka ia Berjalai di menoa Siber ko kitai…

  6. To tell you the truth, Cyber Surfing is boring without RD.com. I go there mainly to read and process the News with Internet friends. Usually with a can of guinness and some crackers.

    The player you put on there last time was a good idea, so you may wish to work on the format of that and how this should complement RD.com.

  7. Yes DJ, I agree with you. Owning a website and maintaining it is like having a another wife. It can get moody at anytime without us knowing what’s wrong.

    Sometimes with all that trouble, some may wonder why do we still do it. Why bother?

    Personally I take pride in what I do, though insignifant or otherwise it may be. It is the pride of saying ” I did it” when it’s up and running. It has never been for profit for me. I’m sure RD.com was set up in that way too. It was or is not for profit, though we welcome contributions from kind souls :)

    Sometimes problems arise where we have no control over. Internet is a network and it works by connecting all the servers together. If 1 of the servers fail it will affect the rest, thus downtime.

    It’s unfortunate what has happened to RD.com lately, but I believe UK will get it up and running in no time. Those who have worked with dedicated servers will know how it feels.

  8. Kelalu mayuh website kena ddos attack 2-3 hari lepas. Bad day.. Arap rumahdayak.com ulih cepat recover. Hope get well soon.

  9. So, tell me what have you done during the down time of RD.com?

    as 4 me, lepak2 la kat bidayuh.info and surf online news, macam biasa meh.. heheh..

  10. Dear all,

    Thank you for all of your patience. RD.com will be up soon. Transferring is in progress. Hopefully today, 18 April 2006 will finish. Probably before noon.

    Thank you.

  11. That’s good news. Much appreciate you guy efforts hard works to bring RD.Com online. I know it’s not an easy task.

  12. That’s good news. Much appreciate you guy efforts and hard works to bring RD.Com online. I know it’s not an easy task.

  13. Thanks for everyone in RD..before i knw RD im so damn bored when I get online..but now i cant wait to log on my RD.and chat with u guys..Thanks Uncle for the creating RD website..(even if im not iban..hehe..)much appreciated!God Bless U

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