Omigosh!! What happen to our State Stadium?

The wait for the Champions Youth Cup tournament have come to an end yesterday when Malaysia open their campaign again Bayern Munich at the Sarawak State Stadium in Kuching. The match was telecast live over Astro – Malaysia’s satellite TV operator, on Channel 80 (Astro SuperSports).

Although Malaysia lost 1-2 to Bayern, after an average performance by the local boys; it is the condition and state of the pitch that caught almost all Malaysian who have watch that match on TV.

I received numerous SMS from fans expressing their disappointment on the condition of the pitch. With the on-going crisis clouding over the Sarawak FA, the stadium board is also (probably by today) going to be under fire by the poor maintenance of the stadium ground.

Sarawak have other stadium with better pitch to host the remaining matches and if Miri have the chance to host one match, I am sure, we will have a full house!

And, the it is interesting to see a ‘dusty’ goal scored too. The hot weather may have made its impact on the pitch. But, I thought we have some water system that could maintain the water content of the pitch.

What do you guys think? I would expect a silence Stadium Board over this matter.

The photo below was taken from a fellow blogger (cdason) who watch all the matches at the State Stadium.

The roller was no where to be seen during the live telecast :D

5 thoughts on “Omigosh!! What happen to our State Stadium?”

  1. Yeah, Miri will be a better place! There’re lot’s of Chelsea fans here!

    And yeah, it’s sure gonna full house! With better pitch!!!!

    But too bad, have to face the facts, Stadium Miri doesn’t have lighting facilities for night matches.


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