The Layar

The Layar was the first tributary of the Saribas to be settled by the Ibans.  Before they arrived, a chief of the Bukitan named Entigar lived at the upper Layar near Bukit Tabalu.  He was a cousin of Entigu, the Bukitan chief who was mentioned in the famous story of Tindin.

One of the very earliest leaders of Iban migration into the Layar was Tanggok, who settled at Rian Batang in the middle Layar.

Sampar came after Tanggok and settled at Penebak, a right tributary of the Upper Layar above Nanga Tiga.  During that time, Talap migrated westward from Batang Ai and lived near Sungai Pasa, a right tributary of the Layar.  Talap first met Datu Patinggi Ngadan1 here.

  1. Datu Patinggi Ngadan is one of the most important pioneers in Saribas.  There are many stories about him that have been passed down to the present generation. []

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