The Paku

Perhaps the best known account of the conflict between the Ibans and the Bukitans have more peaceful endings compared to the conflict between Berauh Ngumbang and Ginyum.  There is the story of Tindin who led his people to settle in the upper Paku, another tributary of the Saribas.

Tindin, the son of Chaong who lived at Tanjong Lipat in the Skrang was brave and wise in handling the affairs of his people.  It was due to these qualities that he was able to conclude a peaceful settlement with the Bukitans in the area where he migrated.

Soon after the death of his father Chaong, Tindin succeeded him as the war leader.  While he was still living at Tanjong Lipat, the Goddess Indai Kumang visited Tindin and gave him charms to make him successful in war.  She also promised that seven of his descendants would be great war leaders.

Shortly after this, Tindin moved from Skrang up the Enteban stream where he and his followers cleared the virgin jungle.  From Enteban, Tindin moved again heading north into the Padeh and Layar in the Saribas District.  These rivers had long been the home of pre-Iban such as the nomadic Punans and the Bukitans under the leadership of Entiggar and Ginyum just as the Rimbas and Krian rivers were being inhabited by the Serus.

One day while at Ulu Enteban, Tindin met the Bukitan chief named Entinggi of Paku.  Entinggi was a cousin of Entigu.
They immediately began to fight with swords and spears.  After long hours of fighting, Tindin asked Entinggi of his name.  The Bukitan replied that he was Entinggi of Paku whose nickname (ensumbar) was Keti Aur Tulang, which means a kind of strong bamboo tree rooting.  Tindin then mentioned his own ensumbar, which was Pimpin Bragah Ngindang, which refers to a kind of bird hovering in fight.  Then Entinggi said, “No doubt we cannot kill one another as we are both apparently being cared for by the goddess Kumang1.”  Hence, they stop fighting and went their separate way.

Shortly after this incident Tindin heard that Paku was a very fertile land but that it was also the home of the mighty Bukitans under Entinggi and Entigu.  Entigu was another Bukitan chief.  In order to drive them out of the Paku, Tindin declared war on the Bukitans.  When Entinggi heard about this, he summoned his leaders including Entigu, Meragasing, Merajilan and Agan.  He asked them whether it would be wise to defend themselves in their own land.  After discussing among themselves, they agreed not to fight on their own ground for they fear that in the event of defeat, the lives of their women and children might be in danger.  So Entinggi agreed to lead them and seek the Iban invaders in their territory.

Entinggi felt sure that Tindin would lead his troops from the Upper Enteban across the Padeh and down the Geraji stream towards the Layar River.  So the Bukitan chief led his own warriors from Paku towards Enteban in order to attack Tindin and his men while they are on the way to Paku.  At Tinting Kayu Ukir2, the two forces met and they fought hard with neither side showing any sign of surrender.


  1. Kumang is the goddess who is the patron of all powerful war leaders. []
  2. Tinting Kayu Ukir is one of the ridges of Mt. Ensanga. []

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