Other Migrants to the Skrang

Other important early pioneers in the Skrang includes Busok who cleared all the forest at the lower and middle Pelasok tributary and his friend, Mariba who cleared all the trees in Ulu Pelasok.  Both these men originally lived in Batang Ai.

Saba and Jelian, who lived in the lower and upper Enteban, a right-hand tributary of Skrang respectively followed them.  Not much is known about any of these people.  Gubar and Jelian were the first leaders to settle in the Tebat tributary of the Skrang.

There were many more famous war leaders who lived in the Skrang.  There was Beti who was also known as Berauh Ngumbang, the wandering widower who married seven times and outlived each of his wives.

Mawar was the first to live in the land between the Skrang and Saribas, which is drained by the Bangat and Entanak streams.  He came to Skrang and settled not far from Bangat – between that place and the Ulu Entanak.  Many of the fruit trees that he has planted are still standing today and his descendants have been leaders right down to the present day.

Another leader, Begarak is always mentioned as the first Iban to clear the jungle in the lower Entanak.  However, very little is known about him.

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