Gawai Dayak

This year will be hosting a Pre-Gawai Party at Gua Longhouse Resort at Jalan Bakam. It will be the first time that we host this event among the cyber community.

Why the early announcement?

  1. We need to give time for the cyber community to book their annual leave (for those who are working).
  2. Most of the cyber users do not own a baju burong (a traditional coat), so they need to reserve some fund to buy one. It may cost a few hundred ringgit.
  3. The ladies may need some time to search for their traditional costume for the Kumang Competition. Yes, we will organise a small one – limit to 7 ladies only.
  4. The gentlemen also need some time to search for their men costume for the Keling Competition. Also limit to 7 participants.
  5. Everyone needs a little time to practise their ngajat as we will also organise a ngajat competition to fill up the whole night.
  6. Tuak – making will starts end February!

And you are invited Free of Charge (limited to how much the longhouse can take).

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