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I was in Labuan island for a day trip yesterday. After executing my task, which finishes at 1530 hours, I asked my colleague to bring me to a place where its cool, have beer and good food. So, Mohd Shalimie brought me to Tiara Labuan Hotel. Official photos and info of Tiara Labuan Hotel are available here.

Blue Bayu

Blue Bayu

So we headed straight to Blue Bayu for food and some beer, and of course for the free WiFi (to Facebooking). The place is equipped with a pool table (which will be the next target during my next overnight trip to Labuan).

Pool table

The place offers a wide range of food – western and continental. I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM13.50 ++) and Shalimie ordered Fried Bee Hoon Seafood (RM11.50 ++).

Nasi goreng kampung

Fried bee hoon seafood

After the late lunch, we have a bucket of beer and later some Long Island Tea (although it looks different, from those serve elsewhere, but the taste was alright). Priced at RM14.00++ without going through the shaker process LOL.. cocktail eh! Before we depart for the airport, I managed to get a bottle of corona beer + salt + lemon.. yeeaa that will get me a short nap while flying back to Miri.

Corona beer

Anyway, thank you for the warm hospitality from these two employees of Tiara Laban Hotel. They do not have a name tag and I didn’t bother ask their names too.. it was a hot afternoon and I need food and beer.. so the intro here and there is not the main priority. Nevertheless.. Thank You, guys!

Tiara Labuan Hotel

Landed at Miri Airport, all visitors will need to fill the H1N1 Health Declaration Form. So, you need to remember the flight and your seat numbers. And, don’t forget to remember the faces around you while onboard the flight.



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    1. LOL.. nahh.. the pool is not at the front portion of the hotel. That building is the Tiara Villa.. guest room.

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