Hazy morning in Miri

Jalan Bulatan Park, Miri

The haze is worsening and the public are informed of probable el nino. But yesterday (Sunday) it wasn’t el nino but bush fires along the coastal road near Taman Bayshore, old Lutong airstrip and Kampung Api. Around 11am, firemen were seen near the Petronas bachelor quarters in Lutong putting off bush fire.

The fire may have started by cigarette butt thrown by irresponsible motorist.

Photo above was taken this morning and the smell of smoke is unbearable around Miri City Food Court. NREB do something!

2 thoughts on “Hazy morning in Miri”

  1. Hi James. Good day.

    Just wanna ask u about the quarters. Is it for petronas staffs, who aren’t married yet? Because a friend of mine, a petronas staff who used to work there, know nothing about it.
    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi, I am not sure about the apartment (if you are referring to the green building).

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