Watch Tower of Miri – idea come and go like the haze

Last year, during this period, Miri Division was faced with flood – in Batu Niah, at Bakong and Datuk Seri Najib was busy too, which includes, a visit to Suai, where the residents were badly affected.

Wang bantuan banjir was distributed, but to some rural dwellers, it never reach them until today.

That was last year, and this morning, the sign of the haze is back in Miri. Again, the Watch Tower is still no where to be seen as announced by DCM Datuk Patinggi George Chan last year and the year before. The idea comes and go just like the haze hahahaaa… and I hope it won’t cost a few billion to build because we are not sure if the PM will be in Miri to announce (again and again) funding at the billion (scary man to hear it while we didn’t hear of where the hell Malaysia would get the fund!)