41st Birthday


The 40th year has been great. I have achieved some of my goals in life. Children management is getting tougher with the emerging of new technologies and these technologies requires new gadgets – MP4 players, mobile phones that support digital radio, 3G calls.. and it makes it tougher to manage our children especially their monthly budget. Their phone credits has reached RM300 plus a month and this has been spent on SMSes! The bad news to my elder son is – no phone for his PMR year.

Early charity news

As I celebrate my 41st birthday quietly this year, the early hours have sprung surprises with one email from a dear friend in Dubai. The email confirmed our RumahDayak.com Charity Drive for the donation of some fund to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Miri. Adding to that, Acergy Piper, who have been supporting us with this donation have also allocated some fund to be donated to Sema Samajam Childrens Home.

The closure of RumahDayak.com forum


Today is the last day of the forum, and I shall be removing it later today sorting out important email addresses of my RD Working Committee. I have given it a deep thought and yesterday, during the Sunday mass, the soothing message finally came to me and its assure me that the closure of the forum is the right thing to do. Praise the Lord for his guidance.

Downloading Windows7

After waiting for two days, I have also managed to download Windows7 Beta yesterday, which is only distributed to 2.5 million users worldwide. Glad to be one among the 2.5 million beta tester. I will share with you my experience later, once I get it installed in my personal computer. By the way, you need a hotmail account to download the beta.


Birthday party..?

Ahhh.. SMSes asking me where is the party.. and the answer is No Party this week, guys! Economy kurang baik tahun ini.. So, instead of organising three birthday parties, I may have a joint party this year. Yes, I celebrated three birthdays in January – myself, then my wife (on the 14th) and my Cheryl’s on 15th January.

Where? – Similajau National Park with members of RumahDayak.com.

Nature rules the night

How I wish it was a clear evening with no rain last night.. waiting for midnight and enjoying the full moon. But nature was not so sporty and it was cold night (ghheee who wants to be outdoor) and cloudy night! We missed that full moon – the last for the Chinese and the only one that is the fullest and brightest this year.

Moving on with life

Merry Christmas from UchuKeling.com

Welcome to the new UchuKeling.com, and no, my previous post is not deleted, but currently stored as archive in my home server (not serving online, unfortunately).

Why I reinstall the whole WordPress script?

As you gets older, a lot of things that you have done in the past looks and appears like it has gone through a thunderstorm – messy and unnecessarily being categorised in the wrong place.

And, yes, I am too lazy to go through the hundreds of post that I have posted, and to read it, then to re-categorise it, and finally to re-publish it the way I want it today. And, the fastest and easiest way to get it done is by reinstalling the web server (you may do this if you have a reseller account).

A simple way to express thanks.. reaching out to the wide audience

With this simple post, I would like to extend my gratitudes to all my readers, who have given me the support, constructive criticism and whether your criticism favours me or not, that is another issue. But, those comments has been keeping me on my toes, and driving myself to further improve myself.

Thank you, thank you and thanks a million times..

Warmest regards,
Uchu Keling