Miri red men and road users

This is the most impractical traffic light junction that I have ever seen in Malaysia! And, its located near the Pacific Orient Hotel in Miri.

Why it is impractical?
1. It have more red men than any other traffic lights with pedestrian crossing in Miri. I think it have eight red men in total.

2. The green light (Arrow version) on the right is too small and too dim compared to the red men (guarding it). Most of the time drivers would have to reconfirm it in their hearts before driving (good for safety reason, but a little bit slow in reaction for elderly drivers).

3. If you are crossing from the handicraft centre side, you may need more than 5 mins to get your ‘green men clearance.. and I happen to see one male pedestrian trying to cross it yesterday (with a paper hand – blowing a little wind on his face). Yuppp… I knew what was written on his face.

While we appreciate the city council effort to install the pedestrian crossing features, but I guess the planners should have made a better choice if it was done at the new traffic lights near Bintang Plaza. The reason why people cross that roads is to go to Bintang Plaza area.

Another sick attitude of Miri drivers

I couldn’t understand why drivers choose to drive right in the middle of a two-lane side road and block the whole traffic! Can’t you guys drive in pair????? Or maybe we should paint a line in the middle and that should tell the drivers that the road is a two-lane side and can be use by two vehicles side-by-side.

Adding to that, the “chipsmore” roadside traders.. and the tiring city council officers, having to sit near that area, all day, doing nothing, just to make sure this traders do not trade at their parking bays.

Where? Yalarrr where else? At Morsjaya lah!