Opposition cultivating on unsolved issues

Extract from The Borneo Post, 5th March issue.
Extract from The Borneo Post, 5th March issue.

Not again! Do we need to wait for the opposition to bring this issue again to the media?

Do we need to wait for it to be translated into votes for the opposition during the coming 11th State Election? Then during the campaign, we will ask the campaigners to go all out and counter this kind of attack.

So many questions than answers, while the developer remain silent, playing chess with the local authorities and government agencies.

The loser remain the rakyat and let us hope it won’t affect the current ADUN for that area. Let us hope it does not add to the number of opposition reps in Miri.

Six months is all Rich Venture need, opposition whacking BN in Sibuti

Photo taken on 4th January 2012 showing the delayed road construction (on the left of the photo).

The dual carriage way to Taman Tunku/Taman Jelita and Taman Tunku Phase 3 is supposed to be completed in February 2011. But today, almost a year has gone by, the residents of nearby housing areas and kampungs have yet to enjoy the new road.

The delay was partly due to some squatters resistant to dismantle their homes which were built along the path of the new road. With the help of YB Tuan Hj. Ahmad Lai and the Land & Survey Dept., the squatters issue was recently solved. All six squatters agreed to move to a new site at Kampung Lusut Jaya.

With all the issues being settled, we do not see any reason for further delay by Rich Venture, the contractor of the project. Six months is all we need, said Mr. Hii (the owner of Rich Venture).

Unfortunately, the people do not see or understand of this issues. The GE13 is coming up fast and the opposition will be focusing on this delayed project. Any further delay will be seen as an act to sabotage the BN candidate for this Parliamentary seat of Sibuti.

Selfishness slow down second-link dual carriage road construction at Taman Tunku

Bad traffic continues to haunt the residents of Taman Tunku, Kampung Lusut Jaya and Taman Jelita. With a few kindergarten, a primary school and two secondary schools located within the area, it adds to the worsen traffic with over 20,000 household commuting daily along the only road excess to that residential area.

During peak hours, it will easily takes an hour to reach the city centre. The situation becomes worst if an accident happen along the only road excess (i.e the current Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman) to the huge residential area. An emergency case is the last thing the resident would want to happen.

After I purchase my house at Taman Jelita more than two years ago, I have submitted various proposal to our local wakil rakyat with copies to our City Hall on how to improve the traffic system in Taman Tunku.

Of course that include the construction of a second link-road excess, currently being constructed, the trimming of trees along the various road and lanes in Taman Tunku, the removal of soil that blocked the water outlet to the main and major drainage in the residential areas. Although all this didn’t affect me directly, but it is sad to notice flash flood happening during rainy days.

The second-link road construction had a grand launching by our Chief Minister, YAB Pehin Sri Taib, just before the state election. The contractor promised that it should be completed in less than a year.

Today, many months have passed by, we noticed that the construction work have slowed down. A quick check with our ex-YB, Andy Chia and the contractor (Rich Venture) this morning, revealed a stubborn and selfish owner of an illegal extension (circled below) that refused to dissemble the structure.

To those who thought that it was due to the defeat of SUPP in Miri, nope.. it is not due to that.

Just because of one stubborn fella, the over 20,000 household have to suffer bad traffic, noise and dust pollution, wasted time on travelling, etc.

The contractor is leaving the issue to the hands of the Miri Land and Survey Dept. to tackle the owner of that illegal extension.

The residents of Taman Tunku, Kampung Lusut Jaya and Taman Jelita, and soon – Taman Tunku Phase III hopes this issue can be resolve fast to make way for the completion of the much needed second-link road.