In other word, we did not complain in writing


Sarawak YBs are doing a good job

Visiting deputy minister says not a single complaint about underperforming elected representatives was received

KUCHING: The Public Complaints Bureau (BPA), an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department, has not received any complaints aboutt underperforming Sarawak ministers and elected representatives, if there are any.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T Murugiah said BPA would take action if complaints were forwarded to them.

He said BPA would even investigate the alleged exploitation of Penan girls if there were any complaints.

“Being the deputy minister in charge of BPA, I have yet to receive any complaints from Sarawakians about their elected representatives and ministers for not doing their jobs. If there were such complaints, I would have informed the media.

“In my opinion, this shows that they (the elected representatives and ministers) are doing a good job here, and there are no serious problems in the state,” he told reporters here yesterday.

On the issue of exploitation of Penan girls, he said the matter was in the hands of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

“I have yet to receive any complaints. From what I was informed, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is handling the case. But if reported to us, we will investigate,” he said.

Murugiah was on a two-day working visit to Sarawak.

Yesterday, he met officers from the National Integration and Unity Department, which is also under his portfolio. He returned to Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon.

On another matter, he said BPA had also received reports against illegal moneylenders (Along). He, however, could not disclose the figure off-hand, saying the records were not with him yesterday.

“There were many people who lodged reports against ‘Ah Long’ to us, but we usually hand over the cases to the police whom we think can handle such cases better,” he said.

He also told reporters that he is also in charge of national unity and integration, following the cabinet reshuffle in April.

He said for integration and unity he would look at changing the misperception among West Malaysians about Sarawak.

He said he would want to correct West Malaysians’ habit of ridiculing Sarawakians for “living on trees”.

“We would focus on changing that misperception,” he said, adding he would also look into having cheaper airfares to promote greater national integration.

Hmm.. in other word, we did not complain in writing. All this while we have been complaining about our YBs through the media. Via the media, it may get through the editor, but most of the time, it remain in the editor “raw news” folder.

Hence, we blog about, share it on Facebook, only knowing that it was not registered and recorded. And, hence, our YBs walk freely of their guilt.

So, this time.. write your complain about your YBs, who are not performing their job, and send it to the Public Complaints Bureau of Prime Minister’s Department and carbon copy it to all.. paste it at your Balai Raya (if necessary).