Site visit to Sungai Selepin, Bakong

Rh. Aji, Sg. Selepin, Bakong

I lead the team from MERCY Malaysia for a quick meeting with Tuai Rumah Aji of Sungai Selepin longhouse in the Bakong district during lunch hour.

The purpose of our visit is to inform the tuai rumah of our intention to organise a free health screening clinic for its resident, scheduled on 18th April 2009.

Rh. Aji is an Iban longhouse with 101 doors (or family bilik). According to the tuai rumah, his longhouse has a population of over 700 people.

Benjamin Chai giving an insight of how the clinic works.

During the health screening, we will be providing free dental, eye, pap smear check ups for the children, teens and women of the longhouse. Beside that, the children will also be demonstrated on how to brush their teeth the proper way.

During the site visit this afternoon, we were informed by the tuai rumah that one of their longhouse mate’s house was almost burnt down due to a short circuit that occurred during the recent flood. Fortunately the villagers notice the fire started and managed to put off the fire using a fire extinguisher.

These are the women that need to be train.

In respond to this incident, we decided to donate some more fire extinguisher to the longhouse and will do a fire fighting demonstration for the women and elderly people of the longhouse. A hands on training will also be provided to these women and elderly folks of the longhouse because these are the first people who will be at site to fight any fire.

Before we leave for Miri, we informed the tuai rumah that they do not have to accord us the traditional Iban welcoming party. Its bad economic time and we should be saving.

Hardware and chicken

On the way back to Miri, we stopped at Simpang Bekenu for a quick lunch. Check this shop selling hardware, housing material and chicken!