Ngiling Bidai

Dear members, friends and families, would like to thank you for your support and presence during the Ngiling Bidai gathering at Similajau National Park. Our gratitude goes to YB Tuan Hj. Fadillah Yusuf, Jagai Daun, Mdm. Aisyah Jasmine & Family (Kuala Lumpur), Mdm. Hellena Charles (Brunei), Indu Emun Gaya, and Mdm. Sabugey for their contribution towards the event and donation for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society Food Fair.

We have managed to collect RM913.00 for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society Food Fair. The collection shall be handed over to SCCS by Mdm. Rose Benet (a.k.a Temakul) soon.

We would like to thank En. Goh Umpie and his crew from Tatau, Bintulu who have help us with the pansoh, tunu manok and barbecue. Without you guys, api panggang sigi enda jadi.

Not forgetting the excellent team work of the working committee comprises of Willo (team leader), Jagai Daun, Dom Unggun, Uchu Penghulu Barat, Bungai Ngerembai, Wai Ijin, Eujene JS, Goh Umpie, Egat Jelani, and Altar James. Without these key members, the whole event will not achieve its mission. The team photo below.

With our slogan – Segulai Sejalai Seati Sepenemu, once again have flare well, not only in promoting unity and friendship but to build the spirit of charity among its members. Thumbs up to all and until we meet again during the 5th Anniversary Dinner at Grand Palace Hotel Miri on 6th November 2010, its a Terima Kasih serta Selamat Betemu Baru!

James Joshua (Uchu Keling)

Note: More photos at our Facebook Fans page. But this are some of my favourite shots of the members.