organises motivation talk at longhouses

Borneo Post

If you are free this coming Saturday, please join us for this motivation talk at Cr. Selan’s longhouse at Sepupok in the Niah sub-district.

USD1,500 for SK Pendidikan Khas Miri

During our last community service, we managed to collect a total of USD1,500 from the Iban community worldwide and the donation have been banked-in to the PIBG account of SK Pendidikan Khas Miri.

SK Pendidikan Khas is a government school for special students. The school needs contribution from the general public to fund their activities. Our next plan for the school is to get these students their daily breakfast at a cost of RM2,280 (for this year based on the number of their school days). If you are interested to donate, please contact the YDP PIBG SK Pendidikan Khas Miri at the school located at Jalan Anchie.