The correct version of Sarawak state flag

JAMESJG.COM highlighted the wrong version of our State Flag on the header of the Sarawak Government official portal recently.

We made a quick visit this evening to see if the correct flag has been use. Yupp… the header has been changed and the correct flag being used.

Thank you to the State Information Dept for their fast action to notify the webmaster of the portal. However, the usage of the wrong flag is widely used in Sarawak, which could show the lack of patriotism among Sarawakian today.

Maybe the Information Dept can issue a directive to all agencies, corporate bodies and the media on the correct flag (both horizontal and vertical versions) and their way of usage. During the time of writing this post, we have observed that three types of flag have been wrongly displayed, including the latest one, which uses a ‘fat’ star.

There must be a mechanism to check that the suppliers of the state flag supply the correct one to the public. Worst to worst, the state flag should only be produced/supply by authorised supplier(s) of the state government.

Till then.. selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin to all my muslim readers.

Sarawak state flag – which one is official?

We have two versions of the Sarawak state flag. We can see both versions almost everywhere. Government offices, shopping complexes and even at our very own Sarawak Government Official Portal!

JAMESJG.COM is also confused of which one is the real OFFICIAL version. Look at the pointed end of the star. One is pointing upwards (as shown in the explanation area) and the other have the pointed end pointing downwards (as shown on the header banner).

We hope the Information Department can call for a press conference on which is the OFFICIAL version and how it should be hang.. since our actual Independence Day is fast approaching in September.

Sarawak Flag

I search the Net for our State flag – wavy version, but couldn’t find one. So, have to create one using Photoshop and here it is, shared with you all. Feel free to download a copy for your personal use.

JPG format

And here is the PNG format which you can use too, for free.