Jasmys Sadan Sagi offers himself as BN candidate for Saratok

I come from Kalaka and as BN calon will command support from BN supporters and may even able to steal some opposition supporters cos they are the same people who supported BN in the past but frustrated due to be ignore totally.

I have the experiences to get things done to help people – used to supervise the region of banking operations working through people of varied disciplines and professions. Most of my contemporaries are currently in high places both at State and Federal level so I really can have good connections to do work for the people.

I m now sitting in UNIMAS Council through my connection with people at high places, as member of Board of Directors of Institute Management Sarawak, Secretary General of Malaysian Tuna and Deep Sea Fishing representing Malaysia in International forum from time to time and the recent one was at California USA.

Businessman for my own survival without having to depend on my salary as YB if I m chosen as candidate and win as YB.

Having my MBA and used to be a lecuturer so no problem in public speaking.

All I want is to bring economic development to Saratok Parliamentary constituency – Kabong/Nyabor/Gerigat area, Roban yp to Saratok area and the whole of Krian state cosntituency. (North, South, Easy, and West).

All the people in Saratok now want is to thicken their wallet, i.e. to put more money in their respective pocket only then they cherished what we called fruit of independence. Other Govt developments no need to ask let the opposition bark for them. We should stop harping on land issues, who to be Penghulu, thinking of shooting Pehin Taib and Jabu, no need. I look beyond the shore of Sarawak to help fellow Saratokian.

If I can upon betsow as YB I will expose as many as possible Saratokian to outside world, visit other countries to learn new ways of doing things. Cheers for now.

The text above was extracted from Facebook group – Saratok Update.

Gathering for Facebook users at Saratok

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It is engkabang fruit season again in Saratok, and, I was back to Ulu Krian to experience it myself. Here are some photos of the steps in processing engkabang fruit for sale.

Photo above shows the engkabang fruit. The fruit have three to five petals attached to them as shown below.

Before we can sell it, the fruits need to be dried and the common method is to smoke it for at least 48 hours. We need to remove the petals before the smoking process begin.

Photo above shows a standard smoking platform.

The dried fruit is determined by how crunchy it is. When you can easily break the shell, then it is dry enough.

Here is the fruit, dried and with its shell removed – ready to be sold. Current market price can fetch up to RM2.20 per kilo in Sarikei.

The shell makes a good fire.. (and it catches fire easily too) and for safety reason, please dispose it away from your homes.

I hope to experience the next engkabang season – probably in the year 2017!!