– Bringing you closer to home

Hi to all my readers,

After more than a year of handling a few of my domains, I feel it is a bit tedious and tiring, especially having to upload to different servers, and creating links here and there.

Hence, this coming 14 September, 2007, the day of my 2nd anniversary for the domain; I will be using one single server and shall park the rest of my domain to this server. It is like a one-stop-center for me – one FTP server, one web server, one email server with a few parked domains, etc.

And, I am also on the search for a script that shall allow me to blog using my O2 XDA II mobile phone, and upload directly to this server. Do let me know if you know of any script. It is very much like the Opera Mini, which allows users to blog, upload photos, etc directly from their mobile phone to a web server.

Indeed WordPress is able to handle that, but I am more on the search for a ‘portal’ sort of mobile interactivity.

Web 2.0
Beside mobile blogging and is moving towards Web 2.0 and based on O’Reilly brainstorming session, Web 2.0 means Google AdSense, flickr, bitTorrent, napster, wikipedia, blogging, and EVDB, search engine optimization, cost per click, web services, participation, wikis, tagging (“folksonomy”) and syndication.

Blogging – this blog ( shall be THE arena for me to put my thoughts into digital print.

Community Portal – As of today, I have started to work on my new phpBB interface design. With all the feedback that I have gathered over the two years, and the extra years maintaining with Reganold a.k.a Recc, it have come to a conclusion that the Dayak Internet users prefer to be simple, less clicks and a “straight to the point” type of website. Obviously, this is due to the fact that my community portal comprises of users from the middle age and older age group. Most of them have little exposure on the various Internet technologies, and the reason why they are part of Rumah Dayak is because, everyone is talking about it.

With the positive feedback I get from people like Desmond Jerukan and Reganold, I am confident to come up with something good for the community. I would like to thank all the generous sponsors and supporters who have assist me in financing the portal and its activities. Until you are in the system, then only you will know how much it cost to manage a portal like Rumah Dayak.

With the few sponsors and the little fund we have, Rumah Dayak is able to assist the big brothers in delivering the community service to the people in need of it.

Web communities
Today we have seen more and more Dayaks participating in one way or another in the usage of the Internet facilities that is available in Sarawak. We have seen more Dayak websites being registered. We see the growth in ownership of personal domain. More Dayak businesses are having their own corporate websites, and I myself is involved in a few. Although some did not manage to sustain their web presence, but it is a starting point to their future web involvement.

Online learning
I will also be having a section where I will share my online experience with my readers at the portal. This section will start with an online how-to website on the common application that is being used by the Dayak community.

The excitement is there and I am looking forward to see more readership for this online journal and constructive participation at the forum too.

Cheers! T-shirt finally!

Finally the members of have their own t-shirt. The idea of printing our own t-shirt have been lingering in our mind since the days when I was still co-authoring back in 2005.

When the domain is not yours, the process tend to be slow due to over-discussion! But that is past. We move on and more to come in the near future.

Oppss.. its selling at RM38.00 per piece :D