Opposition cultivating on unsolved issues

Extract from The Borneo Post, 5th March issue.
Extract from The Borneo Post, 5th March issue.

Not again! Do we need to wait for the opposition to bring this issue again to the media?

Do we need to wait for it to be translated into votes for the opposition during the coming 11th State Election? Then during the campaign, we will ask the campaigners to go all out and counter this kind of attack.

So many questions than answers, while the developer remain silent, playing chess with the local authorities and government agencies.

The loser remain the rakyat and let us hope it won’t affect the current ADUN for that area. Let us hope it does not add to the number of opposition reps in Miri.

New rig constructed offshore, oil men still getting the bumpy ride to work

Bumpy stretch: Junction to SMK Lutong - Old Lutong Airstrip

JAMESJG.COM highlighted the need to improve or upgrade Jalan Pantai on 9th September 2010. We are thankful to Cr. Ek for his inititative, and to ex-YB Andy Chia, the staff of Miri City Council in getting the road infront of Kampung Api Api to be resurfaced.

Non-existence of water inlet

This time round, we wish to highlighted the stretch from the Junction to SMK Lutong towards the Old Lutong Airstrip. That stretch needs to be resurfaced too. Proper water inlets need to be constructed to drain off the pool of water during rainy days.

It has been more than a year and maybe the Miri City Council engineering section need more time to view the road. Obviously, there is no fund to resurface this stretch. Despite what the oil men have done, day and night, leaving their families at home to power the oil and gas industries, the least the government can do is to give them a comfortable ride to and from their offices.

Dato Seri Idris Jala once used to drive along this road daily, we are sure he understand how it feels.

Note: The last time you see poles being erected along Jalan Pantai was before GE12. Is that an indicator of GE13 coming very soon :P


Work-in-progress for the road to Long Lapok

Package A – Beluru Bazaar to Tinjar Bridge

Package A is the 35km road from Beluru bazaar to Tinjar Bridge at Long Lapok. The project is undertaken by PPES Works costing RM101.3 million.

Package B – Miri/Bintulu/Sg. Mamut Junction – Beluru Bazaar

package B is the 20km road from the Miri-Bintulu Junction near Sg. Mamut to Beluru bazaar. The project is undertaken by Empayar Megah Engineering costing RM102 million.

The construction of this road is directly supervised by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. It is part of the SCORE Project and hence the budget is under SCORE. Update to the construction of this road is available via JKR Malaysia.

We hope the affected landowners whose land is affected by the construction or upgrading works would cooperate with the federal government.  Any legal issues filed by these land owners would only create unnecessary delay to the completion of this road.

Nevertheless, we hope the Land & Survey would review the compensation rate of crop cut down for road construction or for any other development purposes, as submitted by Pemuda Barisan Nasional Sarawak during their convention just before the 10th state election in Kuching.