Central Committee of SPDP Youth 2010-2012

The new SPDP Youth exco had their first meeting last Saturday (6th February, 2010) after the recently held TGM in December. The meeting was chaired by the new Youth Chairman, Cr. Robert Ayu.

Here is the full list of the Central Committee of SPDP Youth 2010-2012.

Chairman: Cr. Robert Ayu
Deputy Chairman: En. Peter Ong Yii Boon
Senior Vice Chairman I: En. Edward Jawi
Senior Vice Chairman II: En. Micheal Sim Bean Huat
Vice Chairman I: En. Johnny Baling Talek
Vice Chairman II: En. Lau Euo Chung
Vice Chairman III: Cr. Ukar Kelayang
Vice Chairman IV: Cr. Kungee Sandhu
Vice Chairman V: En. Dom Silang
Secretary: En. Tony Chen
Assist. Secretary: En. Khairuddin bin Abdul Kadir
Treasurer: En. Ling Tiew Ting
Assist. Treasurer: En. Johnny Ling Sing She
Information Chief: En. Barin Medan

Ordinary Members:
En. Zubrisky Bansang William Mawan
En. Philip Anyi
En. Peter Lau Pern Chen
En. Jason Lee Ong Guan
En. Alred Belare
En. Wilson Lau Hee Huat
En. Lau Lik Sing
En. James Joshua Guang
En. Wong Toh Yiing
En. Frank Ritchie Duod
En. Willie Liau

Press conference

Extract from the Borneo Post, 7th February 2010.

SPDP Youth not denying interest in Kidurong seat

February 7, 2010, Sunday
Source: Borneo Post

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democractic Party (SPDP) Youth Wing yesterday did not deny it was still interested in the Kidurong seat.

However, it would not do anything that would make the State Barisan Nasional component parties wrongly perceive that SPDP is staking its claim on the seat.

Its new chief Robert Ayu said SPDP Youth Wing certainly would not turn down an offer to take up the Kidurong seat in the coming state election.

“We want to make our stand clear on this matter. We are not staking our claim on the seat. It is just a proposal by our membes and we leave it to the State Barisan Nasional to decide on the seat,” he said.

Ayu was speaking to the media after chairing the Youth Exco’s meeting at the party’s headquarters at Jalan Badruddin here.

It was the first meeting since last December’s triennial general assembly (TGA) here in Kuching.

Also present during the press conference were the newly appointed Youth Exco secretary general Tony Chen and other Youth Exco members.

He said the Youth Exco wanted to clarify on this matter as during the recent TGM, a copy of a motion by the party’s Kidurong Youth on the seat got into the hands of the press.

Some parties might wrongly interpret the motion, after all the Kidurong seat now belongs to Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), he noted.

He stressed that the Youth Exco decided it was best to leave the matter to the State Barisan Nasional top leadership because they believed in the principle of consultation and consensus practised by all the State BN component parties.

“If after consultation and consensus, the state BN decides to give it to SPDP, we will accept it,” he said.

In the last state election, BN candidate from SUPP, Paul Yong Khing Kee, failed to wrest the Kidurong seat from the incumbent Chew Chiu Sing from the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

He lost by a majority of 1,664 votes when he only managed to garner 6,853 votes compared with Chew’s 8,517 votes.

Touching on the controversy surrounding the appointment of the party’s secretary general, Ayu said the Youth Exco regarded it as a family matter and he believed the party would solve it internally.

“We are not siding with any body in this issue …we (the Youth Exco) believe that we (the party) will able to settle the matter internally …and we have full confidence in the party president (Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom) to solve the matter,” he said.

The appointment of Ba Kelalan assemblyman Nelson Balang Rining  as the new secretary general to replace Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Water Supplies) Sylvester Entri Muran  has sparked dissatisfaction among some party members.

The appointment was announced by party president Dato Sri William Mawan after the meeting of the supreme council here  on Jan 23.

A day after the announcement, Entri said in a press conference that he declined to accept the vice president post and claimed Mawan had reneged on his earlier promise of maintaining the equilibrium of power in SPDP.

Some party members had also made known their displeasure to the press urging Mawan to reinstate Entri, who was appointed as a vice president, to the post.

In defending the decision by the supreme council, four party leaders –  deputy president Datuk Peter Nyaruk Entrie, senior vice president Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagam, vice president I Jelaing Mersat and Nelson himself – signed a joint press statement stating the dropping of Entri was due to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The statement also mentioned that Nelson needed to be given a party post with a lot of clout because there was a great possibility that he would be facing Sarawak PKR’s most powerful man – its state chief Baru Bian – in the next election.

Two days later, Mawan disclosed that the secretary general issue might soon be resolved with ‘reconciliatory moves” that would include a forum.

The Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who was met after the meeting, told reporters: “The issue must be resolved internally quickly.”

Our stand on PPP intention to open branches in Sarawak

PPP should have consulted state BN: SPDP Youth
February 7, 2010, Sunday
Source: Borneo Post

KUCHING: Peninsular-based People’s Progressive Party (PPP) should have consulted the state Barisan Nasional (BN) before spreading its wings to Sarawak.

This is the stand of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Youth exco on PPP coming to Sarawak.

SPDP Youth chairman Robert Ayu told thesundaypost yesterday: “With regard to PPP making an entry into Sarawak, our stand is, regardless of whatever reason they have, they (the party) should have consulted the state BN before coming here.”

Robert was met after he chaired a Youth exco meeting here — the first since the party’s recent triennial general meeting (TGM).

He also did not think that PPP’s presence in Sarawak could be of assistance to the state BN.

“…but to us, they can still assist from the peninsula. Like us, when there is a by-election in the peninsula, we go and help, but we don’t set up branches there,” he said in reference to PPP’s application to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to set up branches in Sarawak.

PPP had submitted applications to set up 28 branches in the state, and on Wednesday the party’s state chairman John Lau said the party would submit applications for another 14 branches, making it a total of 42 in Sarawak.

Many state BN leaders had expressed their displeasure with the party coming to Sarawak without making an attempt to consult the state BN component parties.

A Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice-president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman even described the PPP leaders as being ‘impolite’.

“Since BN is prudent and courteous, PPP should have tapped on the state BN’s door and asked whether they could come here,” said Daud, who is also the Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication.

Robert also touched on what he labelled as “vandalism” on places of worship which occurred in several places in the country.

“We believe that it is never too late for us to state our stand on the issue. We strongly condemn such acts against places of worship regardless of whether it is a church, a mosque or a temple,” he said, adding the party’s Youth exco strongly supported the stand made by the BN Youth in KL on the matter.

He said the Youth exco wanted the police to bring those responsible to justice.

He also announced that the exco had endorsed the appointment of members to 10 appointed posts in the exco.

Robert said Kungu Sandhu and Dom Silang were appointed to the vice-chairman IV and vice-chairman V posts respectively.

He added that as for the secretary, treasurer and information chief posts, the exco had endorsed the appointment of Tony Chen, Ling Tiew Ting and Barin Medan to the respective posts.

The state Youth chairman also said the exco had appointed five members to be in the exco — Johnny Ling, Willie Liau, Frank Ritchie Duod, James Joshua Guang and Wong Toh Yiing.