UPDATED: What blog?

Here are some response from our politicians on this post.

From YB Andy Chia (ADUN Pujut)

Hello there! Do I detect signs of frustrations?

I don’t blame you. You are right, too many politicians jump to conclusion that all blogs are anti-govt.

We will need a good soild effort to publicise that not all blogs are like that.

Emm, emm, I have been covering for you guys in a few occassions recently. Apparently, your [Rumah Dayak dot com] recent effort with Mercy raised a few eye brows. Dont worry, I will continue to ‘cover’ your backside whenever some politicians raise concern.

Dayak bloggers I associate with are friends. I have no problems with that. YEs, I will continue to cover your back as long as we are on the same right track….

take it easy, James.
All the best.

Here is a response from YB Malcom Mussem Lamoh (ADUN Batang Ai)

Hi friends!

Dr Robert Resneck’s formula: E(event) + R(response) – O(outcome)….so you’ve control over how to response, if you don’t like the outcome, CHANGE your response or no response….whatever can be created mentally can always be translated into physical reality…whatever opinions or imagination that cropped up in the mind may be … transmutted into possibilities…so we cannot be too judgemental because a man is not the sum of what he is BUT the totality of what he might be…like the tip of an iceberg, major portions of our subconscious mind is submerged that we may not realise its power and full potentials…the more suggestions or opinions we can get through others or divergent thinking, the better would be your chance to arrive at the best option through convergent thinking..so brader I sincerely concur with the quote “feedback is the breakfast of champions…it’s through feedback that we can know what works and what doesn’t work…so we can always readjust and realign our directions in order to arrive at the desired outcomes….as long as goals are clear, stick to them! Dios te bendiga! Dieu vous binesse! GBU!


Posted on 27 April 2009

Hello Sarawak politicians, I am not sure how you perceive blogging, but, one thing for sure, it seem that you generalised bloggers as anti-government.

Every time you go to the media to talk about blog, you refer the bloggers as anti-establishment. Heck, it hurts so many other bloggers who do not write about politics.

Excuse us, dear Sarawakian politicians, next time, when you address bloggers, please address them with the category they fall into. If its politics, then address them as POLITICAL BLOG WRITTERS!

Some of my blogger friends do not write about politics, so, please do not generalised the term blogging as per se.

And the media, should identify what type of blog are these politicians referring to.

Anyway, there are so many different type of blogs – photography, hobbies, finance, sports, food, music, video, etc. Do you get it? I am sure your children have a blog by now.