phpbb 3.0.5 released


It has been awhile since I work on phpBB, the forum script that runs and last 31st May, they released the latest version – 3.0.5 and fixed a long list of bugs.

New features and important changes are:

  • Added and refined CAPTCHA options to better protect against new version of CAPTCHA crackers.
  • Added an option to the registration screen to allow users to refresh the displayed CAPTCHA.
  • Performance improvements for native fulltext search.
  • Added a new search option. The admin can define the maximum number of words allowed to search for. This option gives control about the maximum search load.
  • Search indexing should no longer stall for some installations.
  • Conflicting files are able to be downloaded now within the automatic updater for manual inspection.
  • The database updater now checks for an incompatible database schema in case the database version got updated. The admin will be notified about possible solutions and repair scripts.
  • We now set the connection encoding for MySQL versions 4.1.0 to 4.1.2. This may fix some conversion issues with special characters.
  • Language pack authors now see errors/notices within their language pack if they enabled DEBUG_EXTRA.
  • Flash files now display again after update to flash player 10.

You are urge to update. phpBB 3.0.5 has seen a lot of bug fixes, some being quite important for a smooth operation of your forums. With this release, the phpBB support team will only give support for phpBB 3.0.5, updates to phpBB 3.0.5 and conversions to phpBB 3.0.5. Submissions to our trackers for older versions will not be accepted, please make sure you update/upgrade before you submit a bug report.

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