Miri dark Petroleum Museum

Election after election, mayor after mayor, but this road leading to the Petroleum Musuem in Miri is still in its dark age.

With cheap natural gas to fuel up our power plant in Pujut, Miri is able to help Bintulu powered the whole Sarawak, and yet it can’t light up the road to its rich history of natural resources.

We are here to promote Miri as a resort city, a place tourist can visit to learn and understand the history of the petroleum industry in Malaysia, and we certainly need to put the Grand Old Lady a lighted path to places you should visit while in Miri.

To Petronas and Shell Malaysia, the initial million contributed to the museum is not forever. The City Council still needs you to help them maintain it. Look at the paint and the building itself – it sure need new coat and a ‘bath’.

The Grand Old Lady says, “Please light up my life!”