Orang Miri, so, you think you can dance, too?

Hello my fellow Mirians (budak-budak warga Miri berumur 15 hingga 40 tahun),

You are given only FIVE (5) minutes to perform your best ever dance and get the chance to enter the grand finale in Kuching, AND, the Champion will be representing Sarawak to an International dance competition.

How much does it cost to join this competition?
Aiyaaa.. cheap cheap lar. ONLY RM20 per group (yes untuk satu kumpulan).

How big can the dance group be?
Hmmm.. minimum of FIVE will be just nice but if you have TWELVE, that’s the maximum, said the organiser.. hahahaa (penuh la stage mun kedak group Datuk Siti Nurhaliza).

Music for my dance?
Burn it in CD.. Hmm, the organiser system is not so canggih wan, k. So, don’t give them those CDRW, DVDRW sort of stuff. Just plain CD.

Other rules, you need to read it yourself la, ok people!

So, start planning your steps, and please please, DO NOT FORGET to submit your entry form by 10th June 2010. To whom, we’ll keep you updated later. I also dunno as of now hahahaaa..

Caution: NO FLAME or FLAMMABLE MATERIAL IS TO BE USED OR WORN BY COMPETITORS and judges decision is ALWAYS the case – IT is FINAL.. jangan pandei-pandei nya cabar sidak judges. Sapa organise event tok ka? Diat diri empun di laman web Perhimpunan Belia 2010 situk.

Have fun!