Dr. Patau pledge support for BN

Extract from The Borneo Post, 22 September 2010.

Immediate respond from Dr. Patau on my Facebook wall.

Patau Rubis I have not read what was written. But JJ do not rush to any conclusion as only time will tell. We do not just simply support BN or PR as neither is a political party. Only old who do not know any politics think that both are unitary party. …NEITHER! Their agenda so far is to discriminate us as Sarawakians and Sabahans, plus Dayaks and Kadazans as “ORANG LAIN-LAIN”.

STAR has been for Bangsa Malaysia, if no Bangsa Malaysia, then both BN and PR should work to kick out Sarawak and Sabah therefore NO ORANG LAIN-LAIN for the natives of BORNEO.

Many have thought that I was born to be an idiot especially politically,HCM, but only time will tell. Meanwhile I have to work within the milieu to ensure the best for my loyal supporters. As long as you are STAR or SNAP members, you make any calls but there is no reason why we should listen to your mourning and shouting. I have groomed many to become YBS, but almost all betray the cause of working for the better future for all Sarawakians. They came to destroy SNAP too!!!! even forcing me to form STAR to continue the struggle.

Whoever is serious in working for the people of Malaysia especially Sarawak, you are welcome to join STAR. If not, you are also welcome