Excellent service at Miri Immigration

When Uchu Sangul Labong suggested that we drive over to Limbang for the durian season, I thought it was a good reason for me to renew my international passport. Well, the Immigration Department term it as New Application since (I think) they are going to issue me a new booklet with updated photo (yeahhh portrait shot!) and latest height (heheheee.. we grow shrink shorter with age!!)

Before you go to the Immigration Department located at Yu Lan Plaza along Jalan Kingsway, please bring TWO passport size photos, a copy of your My Kad, RM100 cash, and your old passport. For those who are from outside Miri, there is a small photo studio behind Yu Lan Plaza. The studio is Lido Studio. ForĀ  instant service, you’ll be charged RM16 and 40 sen for the photostating of your My Kad.

Here’s my experience at the Miri Immigration on 16th August.. started with getting the free application form. The form is simple to fill. The information can be taken from your My Kad and old passport. Upon submission of the application form, you’ll be given a number by the officer at the registration counter.

10:20 am – Issue queue number 1037

10:30 am – 1037 served. I was asked to have both of my thumbs scanned. Old passport, My Kad surrendered. Time taken: 2min 40 sec!!

10:40 am – 1037 served for payment at Counter No.7, a small room on the left portion of the office. Paid my RM100 for two years international passport. Time taken: 1min 50 sec!!

I was informed by the lady officer/cashier that my passport will be ready in an hour’s time! Excellent!

11:40 am – On the dot, the lady officer at Kaunter Penyerahan asked me to scan my right thumb. Click click.. here is my new international passport!

Note: Malaysian can visit all the countries except Israel.

The new passport featured better security. Bisi rimau nya apai. Rimau nya kuat, kering neh apai.

And, of course there is a built-in microchip that should make our travel easier and faster.

For more information on how to apply, how much to pay, please surf to the Immigration Department website.

Here are some points to note.

RM100.00/ 2 years
RM300.00 / 5 years

Special price
RM150.00 / 5 years

Eligibility for special Fees

  • Children below 12 years old,
  • Student below 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day of submission.

Exemption of payment
Exemption of payment is given to the handicap or disable person on the condition that they produce a letter from the Welfare Department.

Ahhh.. we should thanks the Malaysian government for reducing the fees and making it affordable for OKU to travel overseas. Now, let’s go to Limbang for duriannnn duliennnn hahahahahaaaaa… Salam 1Malaysia!