Cheryl gets her first kain pua

Cheryl gets here first kain pua yesterday after two months of weaving. And it is also Chak-lut’s first attempt to create a personal design for a pua. You may want to read about the Nyungkit and Ngirit process too.



This is my mrs first attempt to weave the kain anyam (skirt). The larger ones are called pua kumbu (blangket), while those smaller pua, which are used to ceremonially wrap babies, then we call it a pua belantan (shawl).

We will  be using our own design – the modern one of course. The design was created using computer-aided application and hope it looks good, once completed.


The process starts with the ngirit – to lay the ubong or thread. We started at 7.30 pm and completed the task at 11pm last night.


Sempat ga ber-Facebook maia ngirit demalam.. enggai ke tinduk! I tell you, this job is quite boring and you tend to fall asleep hehehee.. Enti nitih ka Datuk Senator Empiang Jabu, buah kain kitai is a story of what is happening during the time the pua is being weaved. Hmm.. we should put the ACER logo there ngica ke dikingat ke bala uchu ichit ila.. Inik ngena ACER ngaga buah tenun tu suba, keno ko!

Buah ACER empikap ba pun mutan.. ahh Jac/Vernon LOL!!!