YAB Najib to experience his first Gawai Dayak in Ulu Paku

YAB Najib Razak will be experiencing his first Gawai Dayak in an Iban longhouse on 3rd 11th July at Rh. Wilson ak Bakir in Penom, Ulu Paku.

The national level Gawai celebration will also feature top Iban artist lead by Rickie Andrewson, Urai, Diana Nini, Claudia Geres, Eddie Kuwing, Emil Hamlyn, Winnie Albert, Lydia Mike, Jerry Kamit and Lucy M.

The event will expect a large crowd and the Penom will be seeing a truly rainforest concert.

Selamat Datai and Selamat Gawai Dayak!

“We” confirms cliques exist in SPDP

We (SPDP 5) do not have any intention to go against the party as well as the president (Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom) by not attending the meeting.” – Extract from The Borneo Post.

Last Friday evening, SPDP President, YB Tan Sri William Mawan in his speech during a dinner organized by Wanita SPDP Piasau, condemned the formation of cliques within the party.

Even the dinner itself was seem to be a clique by party observers. Many party members were not aware of the dinner and some were present to give their respect for the President.

Yours truly heard some members whispering, “please do not pull each other’s shirt to climb up the ladder, because once you reach the top, you will make more enemies than friends.”

We hope the cliques will erode away as the Dayaks begin to celebrate Ngiling Bidai, to mark the end of Gawai Dayak, and to mark the beginning of a new planting season. With YAB Najib’s present in Betong this July 3rd for the State Gawai Dayak Celebration, there shouldn’t be any excuse for an overseas trip of our Dayak state assemblymen.

Selamat Ngiling Tikai!