Social media group to submit resolution to Najib

KUCHING: A 10-point resolution focusing on unity among social media activists in Sarawak will be presented to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Social Media Convention tomorrow.

Sarawak Social Media Association (SSMA) president Wan Abdillah Edruce Wan Abdul Rahman said more than 600 participants from urban and rural areas attending the event would discuss at length the proposed 10 resolutions before presenting them to the premier in the afternoon.

“The theme for our event is Connect and Engage,” Wan Abdillah said when contacted yesterday.

“One of the proposed resolutions is social media activists’ pledge to support the government of the day and promote unity among the people which is in line with the association’s slogan, One Voice, One Love,” Abdillah said it was an honour to have Najib and Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud attend the convention, stressing that it was a golden opportunity for all to better interact with the country’s leaders.

“It is a great opportunity of a life time among social media activists. We’ll have the chance to know our premier and there will be a question and answer session open to the floor.”

Established nearly a year ago, Abdillah said, SSMA aimed at engaging the people through the cyber world and helping the government disseminate its policies and programmes.

“Instead of slamming each other in the cyber world, let’s work together in giving out accurate information to the people.”

Prior to attending the Social Media Convention at Hilton Hotel at 1pm, Najib, in Sarawak for a three-day working visit, will have a walkabout at the Matang Jaya farmers market at 8.30am before attending the “Jelajah Janji Di Tepati” programme at the carpark of Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Petra Jaya at 10am.

The “Jelajah Janji Di Tepati” is a meet-the-people programme during which the premier will also be handing out Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M).

He will also visit the Cities and Corridors Lab open day at the old state legislative assembly building which is adjacent to Wisma Bapa Malaysia.

Najib is expected to fly back to Kuala Lumpur at around 2.30pm.

Source: Star Sarawak

Did Najib missed Sarawak Rangers?

Ex-Iban trackers and former Sarawak Rangers who had served the country during the Malayan Emergency from 1948 until 1960, hope the government would also include them in the one-off RM3,000 payment announced in Budget 2012.

Sarawak Veteran Rangers Association pro-tem president Kol (Rtd) Rizal Abdullah said the ex-Iban trackers and ex-Sarawak Rangers were not entitled for any pension.

As such, they would certainly benefit most from the one-off payment, he said.

“I hope the government did not miss them out. Quite a number of them are still alive today. If you combined the ex-Iban trackers and ex-Sarawak Rangers, the (total) number runs into the hundreds.

“They mention Border Scout but no mention (was made) on ex-Iban Trackers and ex-Sarawak Rangers,” he told Bernama here today.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, when tabling the Budget 2012, announced the government would provide a RM3,000 one-off payment to ex-servicemen, as well as widows and widowers, totalling almost 62,000 people.

He said the special payment would also be extended to over 48,000 ex-members of special constable and auxiliary police who served in protecting the country during the Emergency era.

They comprised home guards, special constables, extra police constables, auxiliary police, women auxiliary police, women special constables and jungle scouts.

Rizal said he was unsure if the one-off payment of RM3,000 included ex-Iban trackers and ex-Sarawak Rangers who had also served during the Emergency, adding that he hoped the government would look into it.

He said, most of the Iban trackers and rangers had served the British as a para-military outfit, with the first batch serving from 1940-1952, followed by the second (1953-1960), under the reformed Sarawak Rangers (Malayan Unit) and the third, the Sarawak Rangers (Far East Land Forces) from 1960-1963.

However, only the Sarawak Rangers (Far East Unit) survivors received some pension, together with those who later opted, either to join the Malaysian Rangers, Police or Border Scouts and these people have no problems as they were under full pension.

But those who had served earlier from 1940-1952 and 1953 until 1960 were not entitled for any pension as they were considered para-military and not full soldiers.

“Many of them, upon completion of their service or contract, returned to their respective villages. In recognition of their service to the country, the Federal Government has given them allowance of RM100 per month,” he said.

Previously, there were numerous calls to the Government for an immediate review of the said allowance, at least to be on par with the national poverty index of RM700.

Therefore, Rizal said it was only appropriate for the government to look into this to include them as part of the ex-servicemen to enjoy the RM3,000 one-off payment.  — BERNAMA

Jasmys Sadan Sagi offers himself as BN candidate for Saratok

I come from Kalaka and as BN calon will command support from BN supporters and may even able to steal some opposition supporters cos they are the same people who supported BN in the past but frustrated due to be ignore totally.

I have the experiences to get things done to help people – used to supervise the region of banking operations working through people of varied disciplines and professions. Most of my contemporaries are currently in high places both at State and Federal level so I really can have good connections to do work for the people.

I m now sitting in UNIMAS Council through my connection with people at high places, as member of Board of Directors of Institute Management Sarawak, Secretary General of Malaysian Tuna and Deep Sea Fishing representing Malaysia in International forum from time to time and the recent one was at California USA.

Businessman for my own survival without having to depend on my salary as YB if I m chosen as candidate and win as YB.

Having my MBA and used to be a lecuturer so no problem in public speaking.

All I want is to bring economic development to Saratok Parliamentary constituency – Kabong/Nyabor/Gerigat area, Roban yp to Saratok area and the whole of Krian state cosntituency. (North, South, Easy, and West).

All the people in Saratok now want is to thicken their wallet, i.e. to put more money in their respective pocket only then they cherished what we called fruit of independence. Other Govt developments no need to ask let the opposition bark for them. We should stop harping on land issues, who to be Penghulu, thinking of shooting Pehin Taib and Jabu, no need. I look beyond the shore of Sarawak to help fellow Saratokian.

If I can upon betsow as YB I will expose as many as possible Saratokian to outside world, visit other countries to learn new ways of doing things. Cheers for now.

The text above was extracted from Facebook group – Saratok Update.