3 mins to renew your driving licence


Having heard a lot of unfavourable experience at our local JPJ office during the renewal of their driving licence, today, it was my turn to renew mine.

JPJ has made it easier for us to remember when to renew our driving licence by making it to coincide with our birth day – so, you need to spend extra on your birthday :p

With all the bad postings over the social media, I equipped myself with a full stomach, just in case it may take up to 4 hours (as claimed by some Mirians at their facebook timeline).

Arrived at the JPJ Office at 9.20am and gotten my queue no. 8072, clocked at 0924 hrs.

By 1015 hrs my turn to be serviced by the officer at the counter (no. 7 for my case). With a photo in hand (taken a day earlier), my old driving licence, and MyKad, as I told her I want to have my latest home address printed on my new licence.

It was fast! 3 mins is all she needs to scan my photo and get it printed on my new licence.

While waiting for it to print, she even attend to the next person in line.

I should give JPJ the thumbs up for a fast service. Well, we can’t comment much on the waiting time, as everyone is in a hurry to get it done, and the officers are also in a hurry to attend to as much clients as possible.

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Responses from City Council and our leaders in Miri

From Majlis Bandaraya Miri : Noted on it Mr. James Joshua. will report to relevant section for attention. tq and good morning.

From Dato Sebastian Ting: Morning James. Thank you for your info..I agree that a foot path and proper lighting should be provided, as per your suggestion.. I will inform and discuss with the relevant authorities.. Rgds and have a great day… Seb.

We will keep our readers informed of the progress on this request made via the social media channels.