The Ibans of Kampung Api need options

Nobody wants to live in a squatter area. But, what choice does this Iban community have? They need to migrate to the urban areas in search of better employment and to earn a living to support their family either in Miri or those that choose to stay back in their respective longhouses.

They need a place to stay and they take all the risk to build a home near the sea. Despite the bad erosion and now the impounding waves are getting nearer their homes.

Last weekend saw their homes being invaded by waves and their living room being flooded by sea water.

There must be a fast solution to these issues. Building retaining walls, relocating the squatters to a new place, giving them option to purchase new homes under Suruhanjaya Perumahan Nasional Berhad, etc. are all the available options.

To these causes, it will be great to see the various Iban-based NGOs in Miri to come forward and assist the Miri City Council to address this issues that affect the majority Iban residents of Kampung Api in Lutong.

The Return of the Green Man

It seem that the infamous green men have return to haunt the road users in Miri. No one is crossing and yet the 20 sec green man appears.

Was it a ghost? Was it the timing system? Was it a total nuisance? Yes.. the third one!

Miri City Council, please look into this famous traffic light system again. It is really wasting our time to wait for the 20 sec to run. Probably that green arrow need better bulbs and to be more brighter!

Done on 02 Oct 2009


After close to two weeks for waiting the City Council contractors finally come and filled up the hole at Seberkas Commercial Centre. We hope it last long because we suspect that there is a leakage at the underground fire hydrant piping system which caused the soil to sink.


And done!