What departmental matters? Aren’t you the Federal Secretary!

Options for employees with similar case with Stephen Geri (SG)

In respond on how hard it is to get a promotion as per the article in the Borneo Post, our reader have some points to share/highlight for Mr. Stephen Geri.

  1. True, academic qualifications do play a part in promotion but it is not the biggest weightage. In this case SG can have a Masters but if he wishes to be promoted it also takes into account his PTK results, his yearly assessments as well as his maximum grade in his scheme etc.
  2. From what we read, our understanding is SG, is a support staff, hence his statement that his pay is akin to a chief clerk i.e. RM2,000. He could be an N scheme (support staff scheme) and the highest grade is N32. (if he sampai here already lah).
  3. To be higher than N32 and to go to degree/master level, he cannot remain in the support staff scheme but must move on to officer level scheme e.g. M41 (for administration, or to other schemes i.e. C, S, G, L – chemical, social, agriculture, legal schemes etc. There is no N scheme for officer level at federal). C, S, G scheme all quite technical and hard to get.

Judging by his qualifications (MBA etc) he can try for M (PTD)scheme. They are people like SG who started off as support staff, studied, naik sedikit-sedikit and now at the mid years of their lives, minta jadi officer at PTD level. There is no cut-off years but they are given equivalent chance to try to apply provided they apply through SPA and goes through and passes the rigmarole of PTD exam, PTD assessment and interview. And if given the job in the end, willing to accept the job on an initial contract basis (yes, there are permanent and contract options now but you don’t get to choose, and it all depends on your intake).

If SG is a federal employee, he can do all the above or try upgrading himself secara KPSL (exams internally and promoted internally providing got kekosangan jawatan and within superiors support and consent).

Or he can use his new qualifications, and apply for different schemes via Suruhajaya Perkhidmatan Awam‘s website (there are many schemes available).

On the other hand, if he is state employee, we don’t know how he can jump from N (support staff scheme) to N41 and above (officer scheme) for the state civil service. Itu kena tanya people in the State Civil Service. Selalunya, state civil service quite hard to get in on officer level but not impossible.