The haze, food and feet

The haze seems to be a common sight in Miri nowadays. Yesterday it was a good day, then suddenly today it is hazy. Someone was heard asking about the Air Pollutant Index (API) readings. Hahahaaa… ask any layman in Sarawak, who would believe the readings given by the Department of Environment (DOE). No matter how hazy it is (to the naked eyes), it is still not health hazard to the DOE by their API readings and their media release.

It will take a little bit of time for the DOE to gain public respect for their API readings. The reading this morning at 7am was 26 in Miri while Bintulu recorded a moderate reading of 57.

The photo above was taken at Kampung Sealine near Lutong. Anyway, the haze do not hinder for a good bowl of bahkut teh hahahaaa…

And, yes.. I know. NO worries to my readers who are against meat. Here is where we all can go for a nice foot massage.

Or.. anyone for a simple char kueh teow?