SPDP Piasau Youth chief barking up the wrong tree

MIRI: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Beluru branch yesterday slammed SPDP Piasau Youth chief James Joshua for barking up the wrong tree over issues raised by 47 longhouse chiefs and councillors on Sunday.

Branch chairman and longhouse chief (Tuai Rumah) Steward Kayong rubbished James’ sarcastic remark – that the group was bragging about their assemblyman Datuk Sylvester Entri’s big majority win in the last state election was not due to his popularity but to BN ticket.

The branch said the group in Beluru meeting on Sunday expressed their displeasure over the statement of being treated as second class citizen and being asked to show cause letter over their absence at the controversial function in Ulu Teru by SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan on Oct 2.

“If that is the case, how does James, who is a registered voter in Krian, explain the loss of deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok in the constituency despite standing on a BN ticket? Also, what about other losses?,” Steward asked.

His view was supported by branch secretary Nelson Nulai who said the Piasau Youth chief has missed the mark in talking about what was happening in Marudi constituency.

They said that there was no mention of anyone threatening to go against the BN in the next election as alleged by James, but lamented that the disunity arising could erode BN’s support in the stronghold.

Entri won with the biggest majority among all the SPPD candidates in the last state election, but James played it down. He said that Entri’s loyalist should remember that the majority of voters in Marudi supported BN, and challenged them to ask their assemblyman to stand on an Independent ticket in the next state election.

“Being a BN candidate is not a guarantee of winning in an election but a good track record of being on the ground and addressing needs and issues faced by the electorate are,” said Steward.

Steward and Nelson said James should stop meddling in Marudi, as the longhouse chiefs, councillors and BN supporters there had been trying hard to maintain the strength (of BN) and not weaken it as painted.

James has also accused Entri’s loyalists of continued verbal attack on Mawan as affirming suspicion that Entri masterminded a plan to topple the president.

He claimed that Mawan was trying to ‘protect’ Entri from being expelled from the party by not washing dirty linen in public since the plot was uncovered two years ago, and even promoted him to vice-president.

He was also quoted as saying that apparently Entri was not grateful and preferred to go against the former by insisting that Mawan had reneged on his promise to reinstate him as secretary-general.

Since then, Entri and four other representatives have been regarded as the Group of 5 in the aftermath of the last triennial delegates conference, but four of them – Paulus Palu Gumbang, Rosey Yunus, Datuk Peter Nansian and Entri- went on to score convincing victory in the last state election.

The war erupted when Mawan, in Sibu to celebrate the conferment of his ‘Tan Sri’ title, said that he would exercise his presidential power to act against those who went against the party. This was taken as a threat by the group.

The visit by a big entourage led by Mawan to Ulu Teru on Oct 23 was marred by controversy and verbal barbs were traded between both sides.

The writer/editor of the above news has been fair to have include extract of my Monday’s statement. JAMESJG.COM is in the opinion that the loyal supporters of Datuk Slyvester Entrie is in denial mode, hence there is not much new thing in the press statement yesterday. No respond from me. Cheers!

52km Miri-Marudi road to be completed on 16 March 2013

Junction to the Miri-Marudi Road at Mile 14, Miri-Bintulu Road.
Current condition of Miri-Marudi Road.

The rural Dayak community in Marudi district looks forward to celebrate Gawai Dayak in 2013. That Gawai will be a special one because with the completion of the tarsealed Miri-Marudi road, Marudi shall see more Iban working in the urban towns coming home for Gawai.

Clearance work have begin on the 52km road that cost RM59.25 million. The construction of this road is being undertaken by the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Marudi, in the Parliamentary constituency of Baram, under YB Dato Jacob Sagan, have YAB Najib Tun Razak to thank for. The Miri-Marudi Road is one that has been a long awaited dream road. With a better road, the rural community can now sell their agricultural product to nearby mills, tamu and the Miri market.

MBOP have started distributing oil palm seedlings to the people at Sg. Brit, and by 2013, those seedlings should bear fruit and ready for harvesting. That should give better income to the residents of Sg. Brit.

With the opening of more land for oil palm, Marudi will certainly be more lively just as it was 20 years ago.

The onshore exploration of oil and gas by Nippon Oil has also add to Marudi economic activities. As of today, Nippon has begin their drilling operation in Miri (near the Miri General Hospital) and at another location further upriver from Marudi.

The Barisan Nasional government is certainly not a doraemon administration, but it is a government that will work hard to uplift the standard of living of our rural communities.

Undilah Barisan Nasional!

Good income from rubber

This photo was taken during my overnight trip to Marudi recently. I was surprised to note this two Indonesians are still at work, processing their rubber latex at 5pm in the evening. Normally for the Ibans, they would have completed the job by 10am and sleep through the afternoon.

At random these Indonesians are earning an average income of RM220 per day (RM6,600/mth) by tapping rubber trees belonging to the Dayak! Well of course the sales are divided on a ratio of 40-60, the later share goes to the rubber tappers.

Why can’t the Dayak adopt the work culture of these Indonesians rubber tapper? Tepok dada tanya sendiri! Jangan bilang gomen tak tolong, tapi sendiri juga mauk kerja keras sikit. Kalu pendatang boleh buat, kenapa sendiri tak boleh?