Malaysia, Indonesia and Colombia to meet over palm oil

Thank You YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad for voicing our the issue on the European Union ban on palm oil during your address at the 73rd Session of the United Nation General Assembly.

Kaban makai kaban

The title was changed..

I quote the following line from Tun Mahathir’s blog.

15. Demikian nasib orang Melayu bandar dan luar bandar. Dulu Mat Salleh (orang putih) anggap orang Melayu bodoh, tak boleh pegang jawatan. Sekarang orang Melayu sendiri anggap Melayu kampung bodoh.

We, in Sarawak too, must not treat our fellow Sarawakian similarly, just due to their political differences. Because of politics (sometimes), we failed to see the credibilities of our educated Sarawakian. Just because he is not in the BN camp, we always perceived them as not able to contribute to the nation.

Why can’t these educated Dayaks sit down and do something constructive for the community. The mission is the same except the path is different.

This camp said Jabu is stupid, and the other camp said this Dayaks have nothing else to do but poison the mind of the people. However, both said, they all do that for the best interest of the Dayaks!

Hence, sekarang orang Dayak sendiri anggap orang Dayak itu bodoh!