Breakfast with the President

The President of SPDP, YB Dato Sri William Mawan was in Miri to officiate the closing ceremony of FORUM badminton tournament over the weekend. was around for breakfast with SPDP members and supporters at Daka Cafe (located across Miri Airport). Here are some photos of the President’s arrival and breakfast date.

Thank you to YB Lihan Jok, FORUM President, and Datin who were able to join us for breakfast.

A group photo of the President with members from Lambir Division led by Bandi and Douglas Asoi.

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NCR getting complicated


I am writing this post based on my own experience in dealing with NCR land issues. More than a decade ago, a timber company encroached into our land with a clear purpose of extracting timber from our pulau (land reserved). My kampong folks were quick to detect their encroachment and immediately confront the timber workers.

A few of my kampong folks were jailed for stoping this workers. We were advised to get a court injunction to stop the extraction of timber immediately. So, our tuai rumah and his JKKK members went to Kuching to look for a legal firm who could assist them.

Most of the legal firm, especially those that are in the panel list for government matters, financial institution, and anything that connects them to the government and local authorities, decline to take up our case. Hence, we are only left with legal firms that are owned by the members of the opposition.

What choice do we have? The only choice is to engage this legal firm because we need to get a court injunction fast. Later, we finally get a court injunction to stop the extraction of timber from our land.

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