Miri Landslide

Everyone in Miri must have been caught surprise by the news of a landslide tragedy at one of the Shell station near Bintang Commercial Centre. The news said it happened at 1.30 am, but some residents who caught it on their camera phone said it happen between 6-7 am this morning.

According to a policeman that I asked (at noon today), two victims were alleged trap in a room (used to be a carwash centre) at the back portion of the station, as circled above.

Nevertheless, we are grateful to the Almighty that nothing happen to the occupants of this houses at the top of the hill just feets away from the landslide.

As I am writing this post, excavation work is still ongoing and we hope that the two victims would be found alive.

And, with our good citizen below, we are thankful to the quick action by all relevant parties.

It is indeed a bad week for Mirian, despite the ‘escape’ from major flood that has occurred in Bekenu, Niah, Sibu, Sri Aman, Kuching, Serian and Bau.

I wish to express my deepest condolence to the family of this accident victim that occurred yesterday at 2pm along the Miri-Bypass Road.

The victim was a temporary teacher with one of the primary school in Tudan.

More photos of the landslide: