Sunday drive


The day start with my favourite breakfast – fried kway teow. And later in the afternoon, I drove to Bekenu in search for durian! Unfortunately, most of the durian have been sold in the morning, but I did manage to buy a few at the junction to Kampung Kejapil.


On the way back, upon request from this lady, we made a stop at the Miri Esplanade. Here are some photos taken yesterday.




Breakfast at WZT Cafe

Kueh Chap, WZT Cafe

This morning, I brought my youngest son for breakfast at WZT Ca, located behind the newly opened Dragon Inn. I ordered my favourite Kueh Chap and Charles ordered his fried Kway Tiaw.

Fried Kway Tiaw

WZT Cafe has improved a lot on its table. Now their tables are more stable.. gone are the days when the shaky tables will end up with us spilling our drinks on the table. It is also covered with water proof semi-rubber table cloth.

Come early to avoid the ‘no more seat’ and ‘no parking’ issues. If you have any comments on the cleanliness, infrastructure, etc of the area, please let me know and I will be glad to bring up the matter to the City Council personally.