Face off at Ulu Niah: DCM against the people


It was a good function organised by the government for the people of Ulu Niah. Not only they received their dividend and bonuses from the palm oil JV project with BLD, KTS Group and NIA Emas Sdn. Bhd., the function also became a randau session for the people to express their anger, views and suggestion to the Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Jabu, about their recent court case involving their NCR land.

Probably the win-win situation would be to “tarik balik the saman” against one another and BLD should take the cue first. The cases arise from the misunderstanding of NCR land of the people, that has been planted with palm oil earlier.

And do it as soon as possible to reduce any complication that may arise from the people of Ulu Niah.


It is a customary practise to slaughter a pig as sacrifice before entering an Iban longhouse.


Village chief, TR Belilie receiving the mock cheque on behalf of his longhouse.


Village chief, TR Ranggong receiving the mock cheque on behalf of his longhouse.


RumahDayak.com members with our DCM and Dr. Stephen Rundi.

Grants for the people

The government announced the following grants:

  • RM5,000 to Rh. Belilie for the purchase of computers for their JKKK
  • RM10,000 for SK Ranggong
  • RM10,000 for SK Lamaus
  • RM10,000 for SK Manong
  • RM10,000 for SK Chin Nam Niah
  • RM10,000 for SK Rancangan Sepupok

Dividend paid out were as:

  • Rh. Ranggong – RM182,317 (62 participants)
  • Rh. Belilie – RM254,391.20 (164 participants)

Unit saham ASSAR – RM887,000.00

Conclusion: The function ended well with both the people and the government understood the root of the issues and the court cases. We now wait for further action by the parties involved.