Formation of BN Club set a bad precedent for the ruling coalition

Source: The Borneo Post Feb 2 2012 (Thursday)

KUCHING: A political analyst yesterday said formation of Barisan Nasional (BN) clubs to accommodate disgruntled members of respective components of BN will set a bad precedent for the ruling coalition.

Dr Jeniri Amir, a local university lecturer, feared that if the BN clubs are allowed to spawn, their prominence will slowly erode the relevance of BN political parties and also the power-sharing concept which the BN had been practising all this while.

When rubbishing claims by state independent incumbent Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru) and Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran (Marudi) that he is only an armchair critic and agent of interested parties, Jeniri said his recent comment on the matter was a responsible one based on academic assessment.

He said his statement on BN’s future and whether should clubs be allowed were based on his experience on the ground for over 30 years and also in his capacity as a political analyst for the last 10 years.

“If my comments and opinions were not worthy, then local and national media as well as international media would not have called me and sought for them (opinions). My opinions are without malice and I am not affiliated to any (political) party. The comments on BN’s future are fair,” he said.

Hitting at Nansian and Entrie that their credibility was also suspect, Jeniri said: “President Truman used to say, there are three truths – your truth, my truth and their truth.”

Nansian and Entrie has made unprecedented moves by forming BN clubs in their respective constituencies and they were also contemplating to get the Regsistrar of Societies (ROS) register them after they were sacked by BN component Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) for undermining party leadership and gross insubordination.

Recently a hardcore ground spokesman for SPDP Stewart Aying who is also SPDP Lambir chief, said the sacked members are trying to hang on to the BN for political survival and to secure the right to disburse BN minor rural project (MRP) fund and maintain their assistant ministerial posts.

Aying reasoned that the BN at the moment do not want to rock their own boat simply by announcing that these independent incumbents (in Mas Gading and Tasik Biru) are outside BN, explaining that if it (the BN) announce that they were outside the coalition, it would technically lose several representatives.

Apart from Nansian and Entrie, the other controversial elected respresentatives are Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading MP) and state assemblypersons Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

Aying further said the BN still need them to support their policies during debates in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) and Parliament, when explaining why it (the BN) appeared to be supporting these independent representatives now.

He also pointed out that the crucial time for the BN is nomination day because this would be the time for the coalition to decide if they should stick to their BN principle or allowed candidates from clubs to contest in elections.

“I would say that, should Mas Gading or Tasik Biru BN clubs be approved by BN then nothing could then stop UMNO, MCA or MIC dissenting members to form clubs everytime they are unhappy with party leadership,” he said.

He added BN clubs would open the floodgates and set a bad precedent in the government fold and such approval would not augur well for BN’s future.

BN is a coalition of political parties and clubs would only set to make all 14 parties in BN irrelevant one day, he stressed.

“Even if these clubs later on sprang into action and turned BN into a single entity or party, there will be no more power-sharing concept which is being practiced by the fold now,” he added.

Barisan is a coalition of political parties and not a club – Dr. Jeniri Amir

Sarawak Barisan Nasional Club against Barisan principle, says political analyst


Dr. Jeniri Amir

KUCHING: The proposed formation of the Sarawak Barisan Nasional Club will create more problems to the Barisan Nasional coalition, warned a political analyst.

Jeniri Amir, who is a senior lecturer with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), said that condoning its formation would be tantamount to going against the Barisan principle.

He went on to say that allowing the five ex-SPDP elected representatives to pursue their political interest through such club would set a precedent that no other party president would want to condone.

The five ex-SPDP elected representatives are Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Industrial Development Assistant Minister and Tasik Biru assemblyman), Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran (Water Supply Assistant Minister and Marudi assemblyman), Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading MP), Rosey Yunus (Family Development Assistant Minister and Bekenu assemblywoman) and Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau assemblyman).

Recently, Nansian, who is the spokesman for the five, told a press conference that the proposed club would be the new vehicle for them to pursue their political struggle under Barisan.

Nansian also said that a protem committee for the club had been formed and an application to register the club would be submitted to the Registrar of Societies after the Chinese New Year celebration.

“The purpose of forming the club is to gather and continue the support of the people in our respective seats for Barisan. We believe through the club we will be able to show our unity and solid support behind Barisan.

“So far, the response to the club has been good and we hope Barisan will appreciate it,” Nansian told newsmen after a ceremony to take down the SPDP signboards and replace them with new signboards bearing the name “Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Barisan Nasional” at his service centre and that of Dr Tiki’s in Bau recently.

Jeniri, however, argued: “If you allow some individuals who have been sacked from a Barisan component party to form a club just to remain in the coalition, its implication is far-reaching not just to the party involved but also to Barisan as a whole.

“The formation of the club, if condoned by Barisan, will create confusion, cause splits and weaken the coalition.”

According to Jeniri, there is no need for such a club to be formed because Barisan is a coalition of political parties and not a club.

He said the action of the five ex-SPDP elected representatives to form the club was actually sending a wrong message to Barisan members and followers.

“Imagine, what will happen if it happens in PBB, which is the biggest party in Barisan?” he asked.

Jeniri said Barisan should go by its principle and take serious action against the five. He said the five had been sacked by SPDP, which is a component of Barisan, and they should not be allowed to park or form such a club for their own survival.

“I believe Barisan has its own standard operating procedure to deal with cases like this. “It should follow the procedure, abide by the principle and maintain its consistency,” he said.

Jeniri suggested that the five should just quit totally from their present posts in the government.

“They are talking about principle, but why are they not abiding by the Barisan principle. “They are out of SPDP. Because SPDP is a component of Barisan they should be out from Barisan too,” he said.

Nansian and his group had decided to group themselves under the proposed club after their membership in SPDP was terminated in December last year.

Before that, the party had sacked Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran, Water Supply Assistant Minister and Marudi assemblyman, for insubordination.

Nama kebuah peratusan ngundi nurun?

Di Karang Dr Jeniri Amir

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) ngembuan julok ati kelalu tinggi ba pengawa bepilih taun tok. Pengarah SPR Nengeri, Datu Takun Sunggah madahka, bisi penyampau 980,000 pengundi deka nurun ngundi maia 16 aribulan 4 2011. Nama kebuah SPR kelalu andal, bisi 75 peratus urang ngundi ari enam tok ila?

Enti nitihka rikod ka udah, angka tok dikira enda realistik. Kenyau maia pengawa bepilih berengkah ari 1969, penyampau urang ngundi bisi kurang. Enti maia bepilih maianya 80 peratus, penyampau urang ngundi ba taun udahnya bisi nurun. Ngambika banding, semina 75 peratus nurun ngundi maia 1974, 1979 (72.77 peratus), 1983 (72.56), 1987 (73.0 peratus) enggau 1991 (72.80 peratus).

Penyampau ngundi pemadu tinggi

Penyampau ngundi tok majak nurun ngagai 65.95 peratus maia pengawa bepilih ba taun 1996, sebedau nambah mimit 67.1 peratus maia 2001. Tang penyampau tok nurun baru maia bepilih kesembilan, ianya 63.22 peratus tauka 552,350 ari penyampau 892,537 pemilih nurun ngundi.

Maia bepilihnya, penyampau pemadu tinggi ba Asajaya, 74.99 peratus ngundi ditangkan ka paling baruh Telang Usan, 57.94 peratus.

Sarawak, ti ngembuan pemesai baka Semenanjung chukup mayuh penguji, ukai semina ngagai SPR, tang ngagai bala pengundi ka diau jauh ari alai ngundi. Ari geografi, Belaga chukup besai ianya 19,453 km persegi, ditangkanka Telang Usan 15,386 km persegi serta Baleh (12,364 km persegi). Sigi pedis isi ka ngatur lojistik, operasi enggau pengangkutan ngambika pengawa bepilih nadai penanggul.

Penguji besai

Pengawa ti dikena ngasuh rayat ngambika ngundi ukai pekara ti muntang. Enti enda pia, penyampau ka disasarka sida SPR enda ulih dijapai.

Ba pengawa bepilih kesembilan, BN bulih 341,587 undi tauka 62.91 peratus, nurun banding enggau maia bepilih ba taun 2002. Ba 2001, parti pemerintah bulih 382,137 undi tauka 71.16 peratus. Sekali tok, angka BN ulih ngetan ka penudok undi popular tauka peratusan nurun? Enti sema undi popular BN nurun, tok iti berita ti enda entu manah ngagai pemerintah.

Lenyau duit betaruh

Tang enti kitai berati ka undi DAP, undi sida majak niki lebih ari sekali ganda, ari 8.44 peratus maia taun 2011 manggai 15.3 peratus ba pengawa bepilihka udah. Prestasi PKR mega udah nambah mimit, ari 6.94 peartus ngagai 8.72 peartus. Tang undi calon Bebas berupai nurun dari 10.66 peratus ngagai 3.41 peratus.

Ba pengawa bepilihnya, ari 20 iko chalun Bebas ka betandin, 12 iko ari sida lenyau duit taruh penyampau RM105,000. Sida enda mujor bulih 1.8 ari semua undi.

Rengat tok, penyampau 41 chalun Bebas enggau betandin. Ka batang ia, chalunka amai belaban inaya chalun BN enggau parti penyakal – DAP, PKR, SNAP enggau PAS. Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) enggau Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (PERSB) ba penemu aku nadai entu meri kesan, kelebih gi baka PERSB ka enda nyikap diri empu enggau manah.

Penyampau ngundi balat nurun

Nama kebuah peratusan ngundi tinggi masa taun 1970-an ngagai 1980-an? Nama kebuah penyampau tok majak nurun sepengudah bepilih 1991? Entu kitai enggai meda penyampau urang ngundi majak nurun baruh 50 peratus. Kitai enggai pengundika mimitnya nentuka sapa pemimpin enggau perintah. Nya kebuah, nyadi tanggungjawab kitai semua nambahka penyampau enggau peratus pemilih ka ngundi.

Penyampau enda realitik

Ba penemu aku, penyampauka disadang SPR enda realistik, kelalu tinggi. Enti amai SPR ulih, reti ia kitai bulih prestasi baka 1974 suba, tok angka enda ulih laban atur dunya diatu udah jauh berubah. Penyampau 80 peratus ulih maia bepilih 1969 laban sida pengundi gagitka ngundi. Nambahka maianya, mayuh pengundi agi diau ba menoa pesisir, semina mimit aja bejalai ngagai nengeri bukai baka bandar besai tauka Semenanjung. Nya kebuah, sida nyamai agi deka ngundi.

Rayat bejalai

Kenyau ari 1990, mayuh gi bala pengundi kelebih gi sida ka bisi pelajar enggau pemandai (urang biak) bejalai ngagai menoa bukai ngiga insur serta pengidup ti meruan agi. Sida enggai diau ba menoa pesisir agi, laban nadai pengawa puang, enti sema bisi pan gaji mit. Nya kebuah sida tok liat amai ka ngemulaika diri maia bepilih.

Enti sema pulai, sapa ka nanggung belanja? Sapa sanggup muai duit beratus-ratus tauka beribu-ribu semina ka pulai ngundi? Berapa mayuh bala sida ke biak ti gawa ba Kuala Lumpur, nyanggup pulai ke Belaga tauka Kapit tauka Telang Usan labanka ngundi?

Bedau agi bekira deka ngambi pemisi enti sema pulai ke menoa. Sigi bisi atur deka nulong sida pengundi tok mulaika diri, tang nadai siti parti sanggup meri bantu meli tiket bilun ke pengundi.

Tauka penyampau peratusan urang ngundi udah balat nurun laban pemilih udah bangat pedis ati serta ringat dipangka enggau ulah politik serta kepimpinan? Ba penemu sida, nadai ga guna ngundi enti pengari ari urangka sama.

Iaka amai, pengundi patut ngena ungkup serta tanggungjawab sida enggau naka pemanah. Anang ngumbai undi enda penting. Siti undi ulih ngemai kesan enggau implikasi ti chukup besai ngagai chalun. Chalun ulih menang tauka alah. Ba pengawa bepilih Sarawak, BN kala menang enggau semina tujuh iti undi aja.

*Pengarang siko pemansik politik ba Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.