JASA organised a concert for who?

Updated on 24th March 2009

We received some clarification on this concert yesterday. A spokesman for JASA Sri Aman informed UchuKeling.com that they did not organised the concert. The whole day event (a health clinic) was organised by the army. The army gave free health clinic and treatment, and, ended the event with a concert in the evening. The clinic had a good turnout but the concert was not well attended.

UchuKeling.com was also informed that Anwar’s visit was also not well attended. No figure was mentioned but it was not a good sign either.

BN New experience in Batang Ai

The JASA Department organized a concert in Lubok Antu last night to distract the voters to not go to Rh Sayat – where YAB Anwar is visiting. BN got a shock to see that only about 20 people turn up to attend the concert. This is BN first experience of people rejection.

Thank you to Dayakbaru on the report of the JASA organised concert. Good for them! 20 only came.. hahahaaa.. Itu lah, next time check mana pergi semua orang Batang Ai.

Ada pump minyak sama Shahril, ada join Jabu cuci sungai, ada pergi jumpa Anwar tanya berita sapa dipilih jadi ayam sabong. Isk isk..

Buang duit rakyat saja ini JASA. Buat concert tarak announce dekat radio, TV ka, ASTRO ka.. mana orang tau ada concert. Nyamai duduk ba open air din ngelaban ijok.. (** mai EmpeliauDuduk one-go langak – kemaia tua nulung Johnny Chuat.. bc line Celcom 3G din kena nulis blog **)

SMS ari Johnny Chuat

Confirm Jawah stand. Peluang duai iya Malcom is 50-50. Batang Lemanak k bc pengundi berejista >3000 iku will be the deciding factor. Kini ribut bai JC, nya mih winner ila.