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First of all, Sarawakians are pleased that the top leaders from the government consented to be interviewed by Al Jazeera TV network.

Al Jazeera: Who will hold the Chief Minister and his family accountable?

Dr. James: Electorate. Every five years you go to the electorate and they will decide whether you are guilty or not. And I believe that the voters in Sarawak are very intelligent group of people and they will know if there have done wrong. If they cannot get you through the legal mean, they will get you through the political process. So far, we come clean with it.

Uchu Keling thinks: Majority of the Dayak electorate do not have ASTRO or if they have, did not subscribe (including me) to the News Package on ASTRO. I do not have the viewer count to support this claim; but beside those who have access to the Internet and YouTube, the interview needs to be converted into VCD and a Malay or Iban subtitle included in order to reach the Dayak electorate.

I am not sure if reproduction of this episode is allowed by Al Jazeera but overall the Dayak electorate did not have the chance to view it last night, and that, includes me.. heheheheeee..


Extract from Nadai Nama

If questions raised sounded like this “Sarawak’s oil and gas supply with which Sarawak only gets 5% royalty depletes in 5 years time. What measures are taken by the Government to ensure that Sarawak remains a competitive State in providing power and energy so that Sarawakian children won’t end up working as ‘coolies’ job seekers outside Sarawak in 5 to 10 years time?” Probably then the sound of 12 dams built to ensure that Sarawak remains significant in clean energy production won’t sound harsh, or 10,000 resettled folks for the sake of 2.5 million Sarawakians’ future makes some sense. Even now I believe more than 40,000 Sarawakians (or more) are working outside the State now and if opportunities in the ‘Clean Energy Sector’ or SCORE can bring them back, why not? Its all about how you ask the questions.

Don’t forget to catch Dato Sri Daniel Tajem on BBC this coming 2nd April. Dato Sri Tajem will be interviewed by the sister-in-law of the British Prime Minister who is working with BBC.

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Dr. James should also do that for NCR issues

The people of Sarawak who are owners to NCR land would be grateful if such an approach be apply to the long outstanding issues on the status of their land. There are so many court cases involving NCR titles claimed by the native of Sarawak. The faster this cases are solved, the faster the native can develop their land on their own.