Let us build a home for the Scully kids

Members from RumahDayak.com visited granny Jeramie anak Budit (60) and the Scully kids this morning, at the Miri Red Crescent Centre, just an hour before they left for a relative home at the Lambir Resettlement Scheme.


The children are from left; Irene Scully (7), Idoven Scully (6), Carlos Admond Scully (4) and Danny Scully (2).

Curious why the children bear the surname Scully, their grandma informed us that the surname comes from their Dutch origin grandfather (from their father’s side). The mother of the children, Mdm. Kelinah Meleng is Jeramie’s daughter. Regardless of their surname, all the children are Iban or Sea Dayak as shown in their respective birth certificates.


We were also informed by Jeramie that she have managed to contact her daughter but she refused to give them her location in Miri.

Kelinah left her children in October while her husband left them last August.

It is believed that the parents of this children are working in Miri but refused to inform Jeramie of their whereabouts.

The good news is; Scully have been allocated a small piece of land at Rh. Linggi, at the Lambir Resettlement Scheme and needs the government agencies as well as the public assistance to build the home for her and her grandchildren.

Proposed site

The following photo shows the plot of land, said to be allocated to Jeramie and her grandchildren to build their new home. The size is about 10 ft. x 8 ft. and those material were donated by villagers nearby.


We plead to all the various agencies to come forward to assist this family and build them a home. And, we hope the parents of this children will come back home and be reunited again under one roof.