Overloaded express boat and Flying Doctor Service

This photos were taken last week onboard one of the express boat plying Miri to Marudi.


Only a handful of the students are using their life jacket. Are the teachers who are responsible for their safety busy giving motivation talk (as recommended by a minister, that, students-parents motivation are best done by teachers and not by NGOs)?


Or, do we need for something bad to happen before the authority start to act again, and the press starts to highlight all the measures taken to curb this issue. Later, 3 months down the road, it comes back to square one!


Where are the regular check by the authority on this express boat? Is their Passenger Safety Certificate still valid? Are there enough life jacket onboard for everyone? Too much question, too little answer, less monitoring (no budget la tu..).

Flying Doctor Service


This patient needs urgent medical treatment. The FDS is no where available and the patient will need to take a 3-hour express boat ride to reach the nearest medical centre. The FDS is an ancient issue in Sarawak. The rakyat are caught in between the operators and the government, tender pricing, etc. Kalau harga itu terlalu rendah (which is most preferrable by the government) of course lah we get poor service. If the government do not solve this, of course lah pot pet sana sini!

Maybe (just maybe and I perceive it that way).. the people in the Health Dept. have been there for too long! Look at FDS, look at the Sri Aman health issues… apa cerita sudah jadi? Satu bos mauk ini, rakyat mauk itu.. itu ini sana sini.. rakyat merinsa! Selamat Hari Raya to all Sri Aman residents yang beramah tamah dengan YAB Pehin Sri minggu ini. Itu spital Lubok Antu kena dipikir-pikirkan juga.. wahai Jabatan Kesihatan.

Little Lubok Antu in Miri Resort City

Mother and Child Health Clinic

If anything like this to happen in Lubok Antu, I won’t be surprise because due to its small population, the gomen put the case 30 feet under the ground (plus its a Dayak area – takda apa nak buat cepat, lagi pun dia orang memang orang kita, apa apa pun dia tetap sokong kita).

The Barisan Nasional development policy is funny. If your area have small population, they would make it as low priority and hence, the overdue Klinik Desa expansion in Lubok Antu or relocation or whatever the government term it will only become a reality faster if the people of Batang Ai starts producing children to make it as populated as the Malay kampongs (and hence more development would come it FAST!) Ok ok.. tuan gomen, well that’s the real perception we have on you. So shut up and listen!

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RumahDayak.com and MERCY Malaysia community project


RumahDayak.com and MERCY Malaysia were at Rh. Aji, Sungai Selepin, Bakong on Saturday 18th April 2009 to give free health services to the occupants of the longhouse. We brought in teams from the Family Planning office, dental unit, eye specialist and headed by Dr. Kenneth from Miri General Hospital.


Our quarter master for the event was Johnson from Petronas Carigali, who later did a demo on fire fighting to the women and elderly long house folks.


The registration counter manned by volunteers.


A quick briefing to the residents of Rh Aji by Benjamin Chai.


Dr. Kenneth attending to a patient.

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