Haze keeps Bruneian at bay


The photo above was taken this morning at 7am. It is the coastal highway leading to the Brunei border. The haze was quite bad and I am sure the API reading is high (but everytime the government publish the readings, it seem much lower!)

Thank God that it rain this morning, but not heavy enough to wash the haze away.

With the haze and the increase in H1N1 cases, it is best to stay at home and have quality time with our families.

Hazy morning in Miri

Jalan Bulatan Park, Miri

The haze is worsening and the public are informed of probable el nino. But yesterday (Sunday) it wasn’t el nino but bush fires along the coastal road near Taman Bayshore, old Lutong airstrip and Kampung Api. Around 11am, firemen were seen near the Petronas bachelor quarters in Lutong putting off bush fire.

The fire may have started by cigarette butt thrown by irresponsible motorist.

Photo above was taken this morning and the smell of smoke is unbearable around Miri City Food Court. NREB do something!

The annual haze is back!

The annual haze festival is back in Miri. The photo was taken at 7.07 am today after the Piasau Bridge heading towards GK Supermarket.

What’s cool about it? Our electricity bill will sure to shoot up to keep our homes cool.

This year the temperature seem to be higher than last year. Are we experiencing the effect of global warming?