It is engkabang fruit season again in Saratok, and, I was back to Ulu Krian to experience it myself. Here are some photos of the steps in processing engkabang fruit for sale.

Photo above shows the engkabang fruit. The fruit have three to five petals attached to them as shown below.

Before we can sell it, the fruits need to be dried and the common method is to smoke it for at least 48 hours. We need to remove the petals before the smoking process begin.

Photo above shows a standard smoking platform.

The dried fruit is determined by how crunchy it is. When you can easily break the shell, then it is dry enough.

Here is the fruit, dried and with its shell removed – ready to be sold. Current market price can fetch up to RM2.20 per kilo in Sarikei.

The shell makes a good fire.. (and it catches fire easily too) and for safety reason, please dispose it away from your homes.

I hope to experience the next engkabang season – probably in the year 2017!!